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08-31-2016, 09:22 AM
Been fighting Garden Of Aset on madness difficulty using basic abilities and at last managed to win due to great support of one of my troopers (big thanks! - you know who you are ;))
and before the chest popped up the game crashed suddenely with message on the screen ''error with contacting servers'' or sth similar (though my internet connection through wi-fi was ok as always) then game loaded back starting screen... Though I didn't get the prize for victorious battle, lost grains of sands, no trooper badges for me and my friend, yet the game registered that I was using that character so I can't use it again to replay the battle... I know I can try tomorrow but the question is if I'd wish to try...
My impressions about the game getting more worse and worse... No problem with buying some packs from time to time to support game's devs (this what I get is another story... Lately pulled 3x Speed of Light and RTTH Eddie both from ''so called rare'' souls - apparently they are NOT so rare, eh?)... Yet now feel clearly ROBBED again... The game should be user friendly and stable to play and it's NOT I am afraid... As I have no guarantee that such ''events'' won't happen in the future, I guess I'd better quit now... Less time, money, efforts and so nerves wasted on this ''game'' :)

08-31-2016, 11:28 AM
The same happened to me in the "Special" mission on Underworld Madness, I have a ticket from 3 weeks claiming my reward...

08-31-2016, 05:27 PM
The same happened to me in the "Special" mission on Underworld Madness, I have a ticket from 3 weeks claiming my reward...

Lucky you :) I have nothing... Can't contact support via the game itself cause every time I get the message ''sending message unsuccessful... please try again later''... Maybe because I play on tablet with no sim card inside? So no one of support knows how many times game was crashing, freezing during levels making play not possible etc... No one of LOTB have contacted with me yet and I doubt if ever will...
And in case of wondering - I play on Sony Xperia Tablet - it's a decent piece of gear... I have couple GTA's, Max Payne, Tomb Raiders, Carmageddon there and JUST and ONLY LOTB causing such massive problems... Up to now I was struggling with myself to play telling myself that it's maybe temporary problems, soon will be fixed... So patiently restarting the device trying to do some quests over and over due to crash or freeze, cause I was hoping to get some good stuff to upgrade/improve my characters... Wasting time, grain of sands and so my nerves... That's what I've got... But I have to say that I am not giving up easily, always looking for good for positives... But how can I be positive towards the game when I put some much efforts in some quests (using only the basic abilities or the timed ones) and when you think you've finally made it - lights out - crash or freeze - thank you very much - you can start over all from the scrath, cause in the game is no option to save progress during the stage...

Two things at the end - first - I know it's just the game but even if it should be made properly - I've noticed on some quests explanations - ''kill 1 ENEMIES with special''... So there are no any rules because it's a game?
And the second one - one of the quests is to win with 75% health - I did it and not given the gold skull - sure one of my men have died in combat, yet those who survived had 90% of health bar, so why the task had not been granted? It was not ''survive with two allies''? Maybe some wise men and more experienced than me gamers will know the answer?

Well... Maybe some day the game will be worth the time to play... Yet for now it very effectivelly killed all my willing to have fun :(

08-31-2016, 05:29 PM
This happens on the secret worlds to me more times than i want to count. Hopefully it is fixed soon.

not to mention that it happens a few times each day on the regular missions/dungeons too.