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05-10-2019, 11:13 PM

Greetings Troopers!

We’re writing another State of the Nation to recap the first half of the year, and talk a little more about some of the exciting things you can expect in the coming months!

Our last few updates have been heavily focused on improving the early game play experience for newcomers, these systems were long overdue for an update and we’re pleased to say the changes are now helping new players better understand areas of the game they were previously struggling with. During this time we’ve also been focusing on tackling bugs and making improvements to other areas of the game. Our March and April updates saw a completely revamped tutorial, the implementation of a new Wickerman Isle world map design, visual upgrades to characters and worlds like The Clairvoyant and Wickerman Isle, as well as releasing new Cultist and Raven Witch characters.

The first few months of the year also saw us continuing to fine tune the Gauntlet match up diversity. So far we've reduced the number of repeat characters per grade, especially Eddies, that are possible at higher levels. We will continue to look at other improvements such as filtering for certain talisman sets and with a larger emphasis on unique allies as well. In addition to this, we fixed an issue that could occur where some players were being granted Gauntlet rewards 1 or 2 levels lower than they should have.

We’ve also made a number of changes based on community feedback, including revamping Sacrifice rewards for more variety, adding significantly more gold drops to Night City as well as increasing the max stamina cap, and Rune, Shard & Soul inventory slot capacity.

We remain committed to tackling new bugs and implementing gameplay experience improvements with each update. We know that the number and frequency of events has driven a lot of conversation in the community and as a direct response to this feedback will be refining our schedule of player events in the months to come, as well as implementing a new feature (discussed below), that will assist on a path towards a regular cadence of enjoyable events. Also, as mentioned in late April we continue to investigate the Arena looping bug and so far have improved our ability to monitor and detect for it to help resolve this issue.

Presently, we have a number of gameplay experience improvements right on the horizon, including the addition of a Claim All Fragments button, as well as various Inventory improvements - all areas that you, the players, have asked us to make improvements within. We’re also looking at updating daily rewards from both daily challenges and the daily rewards calendar. One change coming in our very next update are some long-awaited improvements to the Arena. We’ve been gathering all of your feedback for some time now around this area of the game, and as a response the Arena will be updated in iterations over the course of the next few releases as feature work on it gets completed. You’ll be seeing our first set of changes next week:

A new PvP Rank Tier has been added above King and below Eternal called “Emperor”.
The Eternal Tier now has 3 divisions for the first second and third place players.
All other Arena tiers now have 5 divisions instead of 3.

Long term, we have plans to better surface opponent strength in the Arena and to develop the type of events we run here - we appreciated that the players enjoyed our recurring goals mechanic and will be re-running / further developing that in coming events.

We have also updated the rewards each tier gives out to make the Arena competitive with Gauntlet. You can see the changes to all Arena rewards and Tier structures in our latest Tuning Notes (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?11772-May-2019-Tuning-PRELIMINARY). A further overhaul of the visual presentation, feedback, and structure of the Arena is also in the works and we’ll speak more about that in a future update.

Alongside the current game improvements, we have some amazing new content coming for you that we hope you’re going to love! We’re working on some incredible set pieces for our dungeon events, including this WWII inspired Dungeon battlefield. Keep an eye out for this one dropping in early June. You can get a first look below.

Our art team is also hard at work on some epic new characters like this menacing minotaur!

Furthermore, we have something new coming down the pipe for new and long term players alike - FRONTIER KEYS!

Frontier Keys are a new type of item that you can find and discover in many parts of the game (e.g. Daily Challenges, Skull Quests, Brave New World, and other secret means). Each key unlocks a hidden dungeon with unique challenges and restrictions (i.e. Natural 3* Characters or Below Only, fights against unique bosses with various class restrictions similar to Gauntlet, etc.). These dungeons also feature exclusive and high value rewards ranging from Cosmic Talismans and Evolution Materials to new characters that can only be earned from the dungeon. There will be a variety of dungeons at any given time which will require specific keys to open. With Frontier Keys, players can move at their own pace along a guaranteed path to earning new high-value characters, talismans, and other rewards, reducing the need to feature as much of this content in events. The first few Frontier Dungeons will launch in an update near the end of May, so look out for more information at that time.

We’re also still working on our Guilds System to build upon this already strong community, along with a host of incredible tie-ins around Iron Maiden’s upcoming Legacy of the Beast Tour - we’re super excited about this awe-inspiring spectacle that was inspired by our / your game and have a suitably epic schedule of new characters and events coming to support the tour from the moment it kicks on the 18th July in Florida \m/

One quick update on Customer Service tickets - we know some of you have outstanding tickets yet to be answered, please rest assured we have all of your tickets and are working through them, there has been an unfortunate delay in responses due to an influx of tickets around a couple of now fixed bugs (mainly in Gauntlet).

Lastly we also wanted to thank all of you, the players, for your ongoing support, dedication and passion towards Legacy of the Beast. We are here to serve you guys and make the game an ongoing incredible experience, and want you to know that all of your comments are read, reviewed and prioritised in our team meetings so please do keep them coming!

So that’s it for the moment Troopers - we’ll get a new State of the Nation out to you guys in a few months time - in the meantime, keep your eyes on the forums for all our update news, event and feature announcements.


The Legacy of the Beast Team