View Full Version : Sacrificed wrong character... ?

05-28-2019, 03:40 AM
So, i was doing my 1st Ultimate Sacrifice for the Eternal Talisman event. When i was looking the character for PvP battles/setups, I Just found out it got sacrificed by adcident. There is any chances to bring her back by the correct character i wished to sacrifice. It was a Shinobi Maiden (Sentinel Type 5 star lvl 100) and the character that i was going to give was a Banshee (Sentinel Type 5 star lvl 100) i had all the 4 Shinobi Maiden of the actual collection, so i dont know if i will ever gonna have the luck to summon her again. I still have the Banshee duplicate on my inventory. Im just asking to deleted the banshee and give back the Shinobi Maiden, please?