View Full Version : Game Update - June 11th, 2019

06-11-2019, 06:09 PM
A server update to help continue to refine and improve the Legacy of the Beast experience.

Talisman Frontier Keys

A new Frontier Key which unlocks a challenging dungeon is now available!

The Rare Talisman Key Soul can be obtained via 2 different paths:

Play Floor X of any Brave New World Dungeon for a 5% chance to receive this item per run!
Purchase this Key Soul from the Frontier Coin Shop (175 Frontier Coins, UNLIMITED)

Summon the Talisman Key Soul in the Book of Souls to receive a Talisman Key, which will automatically unlock the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once it is unlocked, the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon will be open for only 1 hour total. There are no limits on how many times the dungeon can be played within that time frame.

Be warned! This dungeon is not for the faint of heart. The Cosmic Talisman dungeon cranks up the difficulty and offers up an extra challenge by randomly generating **Natural 5-Star Only Class Restrictions (Warrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner, or Assassin ONLY). Please note that you will only be able to select characters for battle that meet these restrictions.

Each playthrough will grant you a chance for rewards of rare Cosmic Upgrade and Evolution Materials, as well as a GUARANTEED DROP of Talisman Soul Fragments.

Play your first Cosmic Talisman Dungeon now! We’ve placed a free Talisman Key into the Event Store so everyone can try out this feature right away! This Key is available until June 15th at 5pm PT, so claim it as soon as you can!

**IMPORTANT: If you summon another Talisman Key Soul while a Cosmic Talisman Dungeon is already open you will either:
1) Refresh the existing dungeon’s countdown timer (if the second soul you summon happens to generate a dungeon with same class restriction as the first soul)
2) Generate a new dungeon with a different randomly generated Class Restriction. This allows for another chance at rewards if you do not meet the restriction requirements for the 1st dungeon you summoned.

Tuning Changes!
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Talisman Souls earned via reaching the Eternal rank in Arena moving forward will now open normally
If multiple Daily Sands of Time/Ironite Packs are active on an account, and 1 of those packs expires, this will no longer prevent the other Packs from delivering their items
Assassin Pharaoh Dog King’s passive now correctly states the application of Immortality instead of Immunity in Spanish translations
T1, T2, and T3 Purple Talismans earned in the Magus Bomber Boy event will now evolve properly
Fixed LOC issue that stated you needed Anubis Fragments to purchase Talisman Soul Fragments, rather than Bomber Boy Fragments
To improve Arena stability, this update also cleared Arena defense history. New attacks against you will generate defense history records normally. If no one has shown up yet, this is probably because no one has attacked you. Be sure you are attacking people in your Attack list. Once you do that you should see more people appear in your Defense tab.

Book of Souls Changes

New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:

Convict (4⭐ Magus)