View Full Version : Which souls give frontier coins when summoned ?

07-09-2019, 08:47 AM
Other than the Trooper souls, do any souls give you Frontier Coins when summoned ?

I'm thinking here of the Eternal and Lilith souls.

I already have all the characters obtainable from Trooper, Eternal, and Lilith souls, so was wondering if I should keep a hold of the fragments I get for Eternal and Lilith souls, or just convert them to precious souls.

07-09-2019, 10:28 AM
Unless you are desperately in need of gold, never convert trooper, eternal or lilith frags into precious souls frags. They are worth way more to your game as sac fodder. Counting on precious souls for gold or sac value is a waste.

Only convert left over frags from events into precious souls frags

Iron coins come from trooper, eternal, lilith and alchemist souls. That source of iron coins from souls have become less important than IC drops from other places or rewards. As you progress in the game IC becomes more readily available.