View Full Version : Hot Fix - July 9, 2019

07-10-2019, 12:19 AM
Hello Troopers,

We've just released a hotfix via a server push. As this was a server side solution, simply open up the game to receive these following fixes!

Fix for Daily Dungeon Challenge Keys being awarded immediately upon completion of Daily Challenges, rather than being stored in a Soul.
Fix for issue that prevented the evolution of 1* T1 Purple Cosmic Talismans earned from Evolution Talisman Souls
Added Holy Smoke Eddie, and Wicker Man Eddie Fragments to the Trooper Store. Players who are missing these characters will now be able earn them once again!
Removed permanent lock from Holy Smoke Eddie, Wicker Man Eddie, and other Limited Edition Event characters so they can now be Sacrificed.
Added the Trooper Dungeon Key into the Frontier Store

**If you do not see the Trooper Key or the new character fragments in their corresponding Stores you may need to reload your app!

We also have 2 additional fixes that is being delivered via a new client. This update should be appearing in your App/Google Play store over the next day or so.

Download this update when it appears to address the following issues:

-Fix for an issue where tapping GO for the Speed of Light 1 Mission would result in players receiving a "This World is not yet unlocked" modal
-Fix for incorrect Talisman Key Soul (Rare) Art