View Full Version : Hints to propely use Mummy Eddie

09-02-2016, 05:50 PM
Hi everyone!

Like I said in the title, I want to know how maximaze the utility Mummy Eddie.

I have two of them and one is 3* level 60.

Which type of talismans should I use to have the maximum utility of him ?

Thanks guys!

09-05-2016, 07:26 AM
Vasodin wrote a really good rundown of Mummy Eddie here:


Their notes on talismans:

"After much testing, I have come up with the best talisman setup for him: You are required to put a blue talisman on him, so opt for one that boosts HP, DEF, and Magic Def. It will give you a little extra tankiness. The rest (And I mean all 5 others) should be Health Talisman (Overwhelming). Don't be concerned about the Atk boost (I know this eddie does magic damage and not physical). Your damage is based off of Percent of TOTAL HP. This means the higher HP you have the more damage you'll deal. Health Talisman (overwhelming) is the only one that caps out at 6800+ HP bonus PLUS when paired gives you an additional 15% HP boost (off your base HP stat). All other Health talismans cap out at 4500. This means when maxed out you are dealing over 1,000 more damage when using overwhelming vs. health. Not to mention Overwhelming talismans give you DEF bonus, which is useful to help mitigate damage from red characters.

I have tested many combinations of talismans on this Eddie, and even with all blue (holy and paladin) and 1 green he was doing about HALF the damage of what he does now with the above setup. Plus, he now has close to 50,000 health. Yes, you read that right. Your character that does 7,000 damage per hit has to hit him for 8 rounds to kill him. That's if I don't put up my "Titan Shield"."