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08-27-2019, 03:52 PM
I love this game!

Getting back to my point, I have gone through a lot of posts and I have a lot of confusions.

I have about 1500 ironite. 300 tropper badgets and about 1000 arena coins.

I can unlock some 3-4 toons that are 5* from the store through 300 tropper coins. I was wondering if any of them are worth it

Options are: tropper eddie, lady azov, bastion, warlord, eternity eddie etc. I have heards lots of people mention about lilith, is she great?

What all should I do, farming etc? Arena is challenigng now, story will end soon, limited time events?

How do people auto farm?

08-27-2019, 04:58 PM

use this, at the end it shows good places to farm for materials

08-27-2019, 06:18 PM
Blue Lilith is very useful in loads of situations. Eternity Eddie is great for beating the dragon king in BNW. Out of your other choices they all have their uses but none of them are game changers. You will want to acquire all of the trooper team eventually , they’re needed for the trooper frontier dungeon.

08-27-2019, 06:36 PM
All the Trooper characters are useful. Lady Azov can be a real butcher is sharded and equipped right. Don't be in a hurry and enjoy as you go. Farm as much as you can. Power up each character before moving to the next. It's easier. My roster is floating around 200 and I find I lose track of who I was working on (I'm old lol). As Lilith gotta, I find myself using the warrior most as I've equipped her with the viper talismans and she's a lot of fun. Enjoy and always ask questions if you can't find the particular answer you need. We're always happy to help.

08-27-2019, 06:47 PM
Abhinit, it depends on what type of game you want to play to determine if you should buy any toons now. If you are in a hurry and will also spend real money, or If you are a ftp player it will take several months to start to see results.

Right now save your ironite and use on special events that will gain you something. This LoL event is not a good one for a new player.

Save your trooper badges and buy trooper frags each week to earn a 5* trooper soul each month. The iron coins save and buy eternity frags each week to earn an eternity soul each month. After awhile you will get a surplus and can start buying other goodies in the store.

What we call farming is play the highest level of battles you can to earn resources. You need to earn all the skulls you can to unlock skull dungeon and play them everyday.

I would run a lone Eddie defense in the arena to keep your rank low. Play as much arena/gauntlet you can to earn iron coins.a loss in the arena still gives 1 IC per battle, better 1 coin then waste SoW.

I know its tempting to spend your ironite on events souls. It may get you something, especially in the beginning. The results will show they are the worse way to spend ironite in the game.

08-28-2019, 05:01 PM
Thank you friends. You all have helped me immensely.