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09-27-2019, 07:02 AM
I thought something was a bit off with the numbers given in the announcment
Striker Fragments per dungeon

Normal 10 10 10 10 16
Hard 12 12 12 12 18
Madness 14 14 14 14 20

Sands of time cost

Normal 4 4 4 4 6
Hard 4 4 4 5 7
Madness 4 4 5 5 8

Which gives us number of fragments per SoT refresh (120 SoT)

Normal 300 300 300 300 320
Hard 360 360 360 288 309
Madness 420 420 336 336 300

So, discounting other benefits of each level, the best levels to grind striker fragments are obviously, from best to worst

420 4-SoT Madness
360 4-SoT Hard
336 5-Sot Madness
320 Night City Normal
309 Night City Hard
300 Night City Madness / 4-SoT Normal
288 Underworld Hard

I'd say just go for Powerslave.

09-27-2019, 08:14 AM
Ahh I think what you’ve done is great way more enthusiasm than me, nice work! But I wonder if those numbers are off a little bit or they need a little more explanation...
I’m farming Night City at 8 sands of time per round and it gets me 20 striker frags per round, plus all the normal goodies.

Looking at the bottom matrix, I don’t quite get the way you have them placed care for a little more description?

09-27-2019, 10:35 AM
rags, it's easy, imagine you play Powerslave twice, you spend 4x2 = 8 SoT and you get 14x2 = 28 fragments. If you play one round in NightCity, you will spend the same 8 SoT but you will get only 20 fragments. As you said, maybe the "normal goodies" are more interesting in NC, but I think the point here was just the fragments.

09-27-2019, 11:13 AM
First table is the number of striker fragments per dungeon given in the announcement. So (bottom row, Madness) KotS, Kingdom of the Sands gives 14 fragments while NC, Night City gives 20 frags.

Second table is SoT costs; KotS Madness costs 4 SoT, NC Madness costs 8 SoT.

Third table tells you how many fragments you get from spending a whole SoT refresh (120) on autofarming a single dungeon. So KotS Madness gets you 420 frags while NC Madness yields 300. If you ignore other factors and just want Striker fragments, KotS is a much better deal.

Fourth table is just the data from the third, in a sorted list:

420 Wicker, Sands Madness
360 WI, KotS, BF Hard
336 BF, UW Madness
320 Night City Normal
309 Night City Hard
300 Night City Madness / WI, KotS, BF, UW Normal
288 Underworld Hard