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10-02-2019, 11:03 PM

Greetings Troopers!

We’re in the final few months of the year, which means it’s time for another State of the Nation!

Since our last address in May, we’ve tackled a number of player reported bugs and incorporated additions that sprung directly from player feedback including:

Adding a ‘Claim All’ button to the Fragment screen
Improving character inventory sorting
Revamping Arena divisions, rewards, and matchmaking
Adding a path to retrieve previously sacrificed Eddies that are only earnable through the story (Soldier Eddie, Wicker Man Eddie etc.).
Provided more avenues to earn rare cosmic talismans and their evolution materials
Decreased the difficulty of Night City to allow more players to gain progress through the story campaign
Added more playable story content with the Lord of Light XI-XV that continues the main story’s adventure.

During this time we have also launched of 2 major new features: Frontier Keys and Awakening!

Frontier Keys was a system borne from player feedback. It allowed us to address 2 common concerns by reducing the amount of monthly events, and also providing more guaranteed pathways to earn new and existing characters and talismans!

Frontier Keys have also allowed us to introduce content that players are able to enjoy at their own pace. Previously dungeons were only available as part of events with firm time limits. Frontier Keys create permanent locations players can visit at the time of their choice to collect specific rewards (i.e. cosmic upgrade materials, Awakening materials etc.). This feature has also given us greater flexibility when it comes to introducing new content, and dropping items like previously unavailable talisman sets.

Since its launch we’ve released a total of 9 Frontier Key Dungeons, all of varying difficulties, with the most recent being the Raven’s Altar Dungeon. We’ve heard your feedback regarding the amount of keys released since May. Please know that the key releases will be slowing down but we do have more planned over the next few months, including some more that are targeted at early game players! As more keys are introduced we are looking at ways to improve organization, as well as messaging regarding the difficulty of dungeons, as well as the power levels or character classes players should have before charging into battle!

Our newest feature - Awakening - was launched with the start of the Lord of Light Mega Event in August, and has provided players with the opportunity to take their characters to even greater heights of power. Awakening will give your character incredible new benefits such as stat increases, new effects, new abilities etc. We currently have 10 Awakenable characters available, with more to come! Do you have a specific character in mind that you would like to see awakened? Post your feedback in the forums, and learn more about the feature here! (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?12196-Awakening-Feature-Guide)

Our latest Mega Event also saw the introduction of the playable Lord of Light, a character who has been one of our top fan requests over the past few years, as well as the destructive Dark Lilith. Part 3 of the event, and the conclusion of the Lord of Light story line is just around the corner!

This summer also saw us supporting Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast 2019 tour! This tour is Iron Maiden’s biggest production yet, with the set entirely based around the Legacy of the Beast game! We ran a number of events in support of the tour including the Infernal Frontier Key Dungeon and the release of Magma Beast Eddie.


The week of September 2nd was a particularly epic time for our team! Iron Maiden joined us in the studio and we showed off some awesome upcoming content. They brought a number of ideas to the table which we can’t wait to get to work on \m/


So what’s coming down the pipe? Our next big additions to the game are: Guilds, Silent Planet and Avalon. While those last 2 are still in early phases of design here’s some Avalon concept art to give you a taste…


We are happy to report that coming up just on the horizon is our Guilds feature, which we are calling Clans!

Clans is a new game mode that will allow players to create and personalize a Clan and face off against others to compete for the power of the Gods! In this feature, we’ll be drawing from Medieval Maiden and Dark Ages lore for the theme and will also include the ability to chat in-game with other players live, in real-time.

The Clan system will have a multi part rollout which will introduce more features at each stage.

In the First phase players will be able to form Clans, pick a banner, name themselves, as well as assign and manage Clan Officers. Joining a Clan will allow you to earn specific currency that can be used to purchase special items from the Clan Store that will not be available anywhere else! Here’s an early peek at what the Clan Lobby screen will look like!


We’ll be rolling out a number of additions to flesh out this feature over the coming months, including:

Clan Achievements and Events - Earn unique rewards for participating with your Clan
Internal Clan Chat - Discuss tactics and coordinate with Clan members
Raid bosses - Harness the power of your Clan to face off against massive gods from the Norse, Celtic, and Classical Pantheons. Conquering these bosses will see your Clan earning the gods blessing which grant unique benefits and rewards to all Clan members.
Clan Wars - Fight alongside the Gods against other Clans in epic large scale battles.

Finally, with the holiday season quickly approaching, we also have plenty of exciting Halloween and Christmas content planned, including new events, dungeons and incredible new characters. Get a preview of one below!


As always, we want to thank YOU, our incredible community, for your support and feedback! Your suggestions, and passion for the game has helped guide us in creating the best possible gaming experience.

We can’t wait to show off this new content and more in the coming months. Be sure to join the forums so you can keep track of all our event and feature announcements.

Up the Irons!

The Legacy of the Beast Team

10-03-2019, 12:00 AM
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