View Full Version : [Request] LoL XI - XV Metrics

10-05-2019, 07:34 PM
I am looking for some help on this, if someone has some spare time and feels like staring at both their phone and an excel spreadsheet for 2 hours ;)

What I would like to do is determine the ironite -> rewards cost for each of the tiers of LoL XI -> XV.

What I am looking for is the follows:

1. Total rewards for the entire dungeon, not including SoT gained.
2. Number of runs completed
3. Raw SoT spent, without including any gained from the dungeon (ie, started with 120, got two mega-refills, ended with 60, so 120 + (2*720) - 60 = 1500)
4. Average Time
5. Best Time
6. Characters used (not overly necessary, but might as well post those too)

Once we have enough data it will be possible to obtain an average per run or per SoT, allowing you to determine which tier would most efficient for you to grind, since everyone will be different.


I'm going to try to do a few of these myself, but it would be a *huge* help if we had multiple people posting their rewards.


10-05-2019, 07:50 PM
Great idea, bort! Thanks!

I took these notes a couple weeks ago (pre-buff to drop rates). It's not everything you're looking for, but hopefully it helps.

3 keys
125 runs total
762 net Ironite spent on refills
So 31.25 fills worth of runs for a net cost of 25.5 refills (considering SoT and Ironite drops from the levels)
6 Light Talismans
1,280 Awakening Frags