View Full Version : Hot Fix - October 25th, 2019

10-25-2019, 09:19 PM
Hello Troopers!

A client side hotfix should now be available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Please head to the app store and download this latest version of the game to receive the following fix:

A solution for the bug that was preventing the challenges menu from working correctly.

We also have good news for Apple users who have been unable to load the game. This issue only seems to be occurring for players who have their device language set to French, or Russian. Please set your device language to English, and you will be able to load the game again. Our team is working on a permanent solution for this issue which we hope to submit for review this evening. Please use this workaround in the meantime while you wait for the update to be made available.

As for the server issues, our team is aware, and currently working on solutions to reduce their frequency.

Finally, our team is currently building a compensation package for the issues surrounding the 6.0.0 update. Once available, this package will be claimable in the store! We'll notify all our players in-game once it is available for collection.