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11-21-2019, 11:06 PM

A new Frontier Key which unlocks a challenging dungeon is now available!

Eternal Dungeon

Earn Eternal Champion Eddie and 3 other special edition fully Skill Sharded versions of the Eternals by completing Eternal Dungeon Achievements!

Gain access to the Eternal Dungeon by purchasing the Eternal Frontier Key Soul from the Frontier Store for 175 Frontier Coins, or get it for 1500 Iron Coins from the Arena Store. Once summoned this will automatically unlock the Eternal Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once it is unlocked, the Eternal Dungeon will be open for 2 hours total and can only be played through a total of 3 times during that period. Troopers beware! This Dungeon is not for the faint of heart and will test your team’s mettle, so bring your best!

Enter the Eternal Dungeon and choose your opponent! The path you choose will determine your rewards.

Go Ed to Ed with Eternal Champion Eddie for a chance at Persecution Talisman.
Conquer Darkstar Clairvoyant for a chance at Gravity Talismans.
Face off against Prince of Hell Beelzebub for a chance at Greed Talismans.
Decimate Prince of Hell Wrath for a chance at Blight Talismans.

All 4 paths have the chance to reward Evo Runes, Cosmic Evo Materials and random Frontier Key Souls!

The Eternal Dungeon has 8 new Achievements associated with it. Complete these Achievements to earn all 4 new Eternal Dungeon characters. These characters are Special Edition versions of Eternity Eddie, The Clairvoyant, Wrath and Beelzebub! Each character comes fully skill sharded and armed with a new potent passive ability replacing their Fury attacks!

You can learn more about these characters by checking the Compendium in the Book of Souls screen, and see full Achievement details in-game!

**IMPORTANT: If you purchase another Eternal Dungeon Frontier Key while the corresponding Dungeon is already open you will refresh that dungeon’s countdown timer.

New Achievements

A number of Achievements for future events have been added to the Challenge menu. These Achievements are not yet active, but will give you a glimpse of upcoming content!

New Awakenable Characters
The Beast and Cyborg Eddie are now awakenable! You can start powering up these characters to new levels as of this update.

Please note that you will not be able to achieve the final level of awakening just yet, as the specific awakening materials required are not yet available and are dropping as event rewards:

The Beast’s specific awakening material will drop with The Beast Within (Arena) event
Cyborg Eddie’s specific awakening material will drop with the Cyborg Monday (Dungeon) event towards the end of this month.

Gauntlet Store
We've added a Gauntlet tab to the Store!

Trade in Frontier Soul Fragments for Iron Coins, or Heroic Soul Fragments for Talisman Epic Souls! More offers will be added in future.

Clans Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved Clan Daily Check-In Rollovers. Now rollovers occur at midnight UTC for all players, rather than being based on personal login times.
Fixed lag that could occur when tapping the ‘Clans’ button
Fixed a bug where Check-In Jackpots were inaccurately showing the cumulative-to-date amount of Check-In’s, rather than the daily amount of Check-Ins
Fixed an issue where a soft hang could occur when opening a Tribute Soul purchased from the Clans Store
Fixed an issue where some items in the Clan Store would show incorrect level requirements
Fixed an issue where some notification badging would remain on the clans button in the cosmos unintentionally
Fixed an issue where recommended Clans would not display in the recommended Clan search list
Fixed an issue where skills of inspected players would not show correctly

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

Implemented our next round of server stability improvements
Fixed an issue where progress in an achievement or mission chain could be reset instead of carrying over
Fixed an issue where some missions could appear in a stuck completed state
Fixed an issue where trying to claim some missions rewards could fail
Fixed in issue where in some cases achievements or missions would not update progress correctly
Fixed an issue where in some cases players would not be removed correctly from an expired key dungeon
Fixed an issue where currency rewards would not display when opening some souls
Fixed an issue that would still allow some characters in the gauntlet to not be consumed after use

Book of Souls Changes
New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:

Crimean Soldier (Sentinel)

Known Issue:

FIXED VIA NOV 25 HOTFIXFor iOS players only: If you accidentally tap the opponent Refresh button in the Arena, you will not be able to exit the confirmation prompt by tapping 'Close'. Instead you must force close the game to exit this screen. We are working to deliver a client fix for this issue ASAP.
While the vast majority of Achievement and Mission bugs have been solved, a handful remain outstanding (i.e. Select Achievements and Missions may not appear to track for players with older accounts, due to showing old completed versions in an uncompleted state). We are working on a server fix to address the remaining issues.

If you are on an Apple device, please note that sometimes updates can take a little time to appear on the update page. Try the following if you haven't seen the update after a few hours:

Force quit Legacy of the Beast
Force quit the App Store app
Reopen the Store app, and tap the Updates tab
Scroll to find the latest LOTB update. Tap the Update button, and open the game from here
If it does not appear in the Updates tab, please pull down on the Updates list until you see the refresh circle complete. This should bring up the most recent updates available.