View Full Version : Regarding November 21st Update on iOS Devices

11-22-2019, 08:46 AM
Hello Troopers,

We are still awaiting the appearance of today's update in the App Store. Our team has made the decision to drop the maintenance window to let Apple players back into the old version of the game. We have spent some time testing the old version of the game against the new server we pushed this morning. Our testing has thankfully found that nearly all areas of the game, minus Clans, works correctly. In light of this, we have disabled Clans for players on the old version of the game until our newest update appears in the store.

Please note that since you are playing on the old client and a new server, you will not be seeing all the fixes and improvements called out in our 6.01 Update Notes. We hope that the new update we released earlier today will appear on the App Store soon so that everyone can receive our most recent quality of life improvements.

For those that are curious, here are more details on the App Store propagation process for Approved Apps:
This update was released to the store this afternoon at the same time as our Android update. Once an update is released, Apple begins its propagation process to App Stores globally. In the past, this process has typically only taken an hour before an update is visible in store. Unfortunately there seems to be a large delay in the propagation of this update. As the App is in a released state, there is nothing more we can do on our end to speed up this process. Please note that uninstalling and reinstalling your game will not force the update to appear in store. The update will only appear once the propagation process has completed.

If you see the App update appear in the App Store, download it and this will allow you to enter the game with all updates present and the Clans feature enabled.

Thank you all for your patience in the meantime.