View Full Version : Game Update - January 30th, 2020

01-30-2020, 05:34 PM
A new update is now available!

We pushed a server update this morning that contained the following changes:

New Achievements

A number of Achievements have been added to the Challenge menu. This includes 7 Achievements called out in our tuning notes, as well as 5 additional Achievements centered on an upcoming Frontier Dungeon. These Achievements are not yet active, but will give you a glimpse of upcoming content!

New Awakenable Character
The Prisoner is now awakenable! You can start powering up this character to new levels as of this update.

New Store Additions
Added a new pack to the Arena Store. Players can now trade Sands of War for Talisman Mythic Soul Fragments.

We have also updated our original Character Fragment packs in the Trooper Store.

Child of the Damned, Seventh Son, Piece of Mind, Cyborg and Vampire Hunter Fragment packs still cost 1500 Trooper Badges, but will now award 25 Fragments (up from 15) and can be purchased 5 times per week (up from 1).

We have also added new Character Fragment Packs to the Store! You can now purchase the following packs with Trooper Badges:

25x Samurai Eddie Fragments (1500 Trooper Badges, 5 per week)
25x Magus Pharaoh Dog King Fragments (2000 Trooper Badges, 5 per week)
25x Alliance General Fragments (2500 Trooper Badges, 5 per week)
25x The Prisoner Fragments (5000 Trooper Badges, 5 per week)
25x Raven Witch Fragments (5000 Trooper Badges, 5 per week)

Finally, players can now trade Ironite for Trooper Badges in the Trooper Store:
1000x Trooper Badges (100 Ironite, UNLIMITED)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Added a fix to correct Achievement and Challenge counts for players whose progress was reset or did not accumulate properly

Tuning Changes
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release! (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13040-January-2020-Part-2-Tuning-PRELIMINARY)

Known Issue
There is currently a bug where an incorrect battle callout will appear when the Awakened Prisoner uses Vengeance to strike a character who is benefiting from the team wide effects of Orbit and Starfire Talismans, but does not actually have them equipped. The battle callout says that the talisman effects are now disabled, which is incorrect. Talisman effects will only be disabled when the wearer of Orbit or Starfire Talismans is struck with the Awakened form of Vengeance. We are working to remove this incorrect battle callout.