View Full Version : Game Update - February 25, 2020

02-25-2020, 10:52 PM
A new update is now available!

Clan Chat is Live!
Our latest Clans feature - Chat - is now available.

Strategize and coordinate with your Clan Members on check-ins and upcoming Raid Boss battles.

Simply tap the chat bar found at the bottom of the Clan screen to talk with your Clan. Clan members can ‘Mute’ others in their own chat, as well as translate messages! See full details on how to use these features in the Clans Guide found in the newsfeed.

Please note that all players must adhere to our Chat Rules and Guidelines. These can be found in the Rules tab of the Chat window, as well as in the Code of Conduct section in the game’s help menu.

New Achievements

5 new Achievements that were previously called out in our tuning notes have been added to the Challenge menu.

New Awakenable Character
The Wicker Man is now awakenable! You can start powering up this character to new levels as of this update.

New Store Additions
All Keys found in Clan store will now have their own tab

Soul Changes
Explosive Soul Fragments can now be converted into Precious Soul Fragments

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed the extra turn logic where some combinations of characters and talismans could unintentionally grant too many extra turns.
Fixed an issue on Android devices where the screen would not rotate.
Fixed some presentations on the clan hub screen not playing correctly.

Tuning Changes
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release! (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13157-February-2020-Part-1-Tuning-PRELIMINARY)

Book of Souls Changes
New characters added to the Book of Souls character pool:

Inugami (4* Magus)