View Full Version : Clan leader stopped playing the game. no way to remove

03-05-2020, 10:02 PM
So as a member of the clan named Maiden Greece, we have this huge problem:
Our leader has obviously stopped playing the game, but there is no way to remove him as leader, and also remove all inactive members.
We could leave the clan and form a new one, or join others, but we are at level 16 and it would be very bad if we started from the begining again.
Please devs, give us a "vote to kick" button, for inactive clan leaders/members. Or just use your magic and remove our leader and change the leader to somebody active from the clan?
I would even appreciate an answer like: not possible, go to another clan

03-08-2020, 01:59 AM
If you are looking for an active clan... The Guild has a few spots. I am active everyday as are most in the clan.

03-12-2020, 08:18 AM
Come on devs, will you handle this PAT POSITION. To reiterate a problem written by a clan member. Our leader is no longer playing and the rest of us are blocked, there is nothing we can do. Can you remove it so another leader can be elected. I would ask for a quick reply and not to wait long because you did not answer us even at the first request. I guess there is some mechanism to solve it. Just not to say get out of the clan and start another clan (it's the easiest). We do not want to form another clan (again from the beginning) and do not want to go to another clan because we are making good progress.

thanks and i hope a quick solution in our favor of course