View Full Version : Never give up clan recruiting NOW: second call

03-09-2020, 02:55 PM
"Never give up" is looking for fresh and active players to compete in the new clan challenges and kick Odin's ass once and for all.

We are a mix of old and new players, all really active and determined.

Even though there's just 23 of us, during last event we completed ALL the challenges and got our hands on the Nifelheim talismans.

So 7 deadly spots, 7 ways to win, 7 are our places for hire, 7 people we desire.

Join us...we have pizza :)

03-09-2020, 10:18 PM
hmm im looking for a new clan to join

03-10-2020, 06:51 AM
You are welcome to join my friend ;) our clan is open

03-10-2020, 12:12 PM
Brill thanks

03-15-2020, 03:57 PM
Hello may i join? ill try my best to finish the events n kill odin