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03-16-2020, 07:31 AM
A horde of ancient Wraiths that haunt the Valley of Beasts, harvesting arcane energies and devouring the souls of unwary travelers...


From beyond Death's horizon came the Soulreaper. A clan of forgotten spirits, who wander the cosmos, compelled towards mystical artifacts and knowledge.
For ages, they have lurked in the shadows, where mortals fear to tread. Consuming the lifeforce of any and all that crossed their path...

Their quest had brought them to the Valley of Beasts, the location of a Soul Shard containing the most powerful and unholy beings of this realm.
They conquered frontiers and plundered dungeons in their relentless efforts - twisted by their experiences to obtain mastery of this talisman.

Now, a multitude of clans have descended upon the valley. Allies, adversaries, and rogues, all seeking the ultimate prize.
Only by combining their forces would the Soulreaper realize their full potential...


03-16-2020, 07:45 AM
Soulreaper Clan was founded on Day One of the Clans launch. I initially formed it so that myself, and First Officer Diana, could participate in the new features. I had minimal expectations, but the clan had filled completely before Day One was complete.

Being a long-time player myself, I browsed through members' teams and got a sense of the time and effort they had spent (which characters they had maxed-out, their class varieties, their number of sneaky talismans). There was an interesting mix that had joined us. A few newer players, some fairly experienced players, even names I recognized from eons ago when the arena was unspoiled ground.

As the weeks trudged on, there was not a lot to do but collect our daily tribute. A couple of members inexplicably left, and a couple were exiled due to their apparent lack of being able to do the single task we had available as a clan. Then I left things alone for a bit - there was no point in making any blind decisions until there was actually some clan activity.

When the chat became available, a number of members sounded off with greetings and shared a bit about themselves. I was intrigued to find that we had personnel from at least 4 different continents: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The general vibe was enthusiastic, but not grandiose - a good balance that fits my approach to the game overall.

The first actual event was an eye opener. Granted, it was an arena event (and not everyone is a huge fan of that place), but we fell short in reaching a few of the tasks by a noticeable amount. Being consistently down by 2-3 members did not help matters, so I decided that it was time to start recruiting. To have a bit of fun with it, I created a bit of a story-within-a-story to enhance the experience...

We are looking for daily players who have solid teams with decent variety. A good grasp of all aspects of the game is helpful, but not top priority at this point. Most importantly, this is a team - so we need team players to help out whenever, wherever, and however you can. Only together can we be strong...

03-18-2020, 09:36 AM
Hail, Soulreaper Clan!!!

At the start of this we were just looking for peeps that would play/contribute each day.

As of the first Arena event Blazpheme and I embarked on a suicide run (blues) and I managed to count 411 arena battles for myself and about 389 for Blazpheme.

What I want to say, is that we have you!!! We are dedicated to our clan and are working to help with all that we can do.

To all you great players and even new players---- do not give up!!! ��

We expect that you have a life and cannot dedicate yourself completely to our horde.. We just ask that you try!!!!

Much love to you all!!!!!!

P.S. Our sigil kicks n F**King Ass

1st officer Soulreaper Clan

03-18-2020, 08:42 PM
Looks totally awesome 🤘🏻 and I enjoyed reading the thread.
Wish you all the best and good luck for recruiting members, fellows 👍🏻.

03-20-2020, 05:07 AM
Thank you, Caesar :) Good luck to you and your clan as well ! \m/

03-20-2020, 07:44 PM
Thx Diana. If you or blazpheme need any help don’t hesitate to ask 🤘🏻.

04-02-2020, 11:13 AM
Am I the only one who cannot reach the Clan? Something strange is happening to the game since April, 1st. Yesterday I got unlimited sands of time and hundreds of soul shards which couldn't be turned into souls, and today I've got this: 8093

04-02-2020, 05:31 PM
Clans Temporarily Disabled. There really should have been an in-game pop-up explaining this, but you can read about it here: (link (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13338-Clans-Temporarily-Disabled-April-1-2020)).

My hands are tied like everyone else. Nothing we can do but wait until this quarantine is lifted...

04-03-2020, 03:45 AM
Hi clan! They didn t open the clans yet but they openned clans events for some hours.

04-03-2020, 04:18 AM
There really should have been an in-game pop-up explaining this to players, but you can read about it (here (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13343-Update-on-Testing-April-2nd-2020&highlight=clan+challenge))

The challenges are not legit - the devs are testing for bugs. Do not waste your essence right now. Stay tuned...

04-03-2020, 06:23 AM
You are right and the rewards are ridiculous so we w8 for real events see you soon man!

05-29-2020, 09:00 AM
Like many clans, Soulreaper have acquried a vast catalog of artifacts that increase power, provide protection, or allow access to other realms.
The Compendium Arcanum contains unofficial items of interest, obscure references in lore, and an arsenal of questionable experience...


The first of such is the Ethereal Signature. A cosmic sigil that binds all Soulreaper in their unified quest.

The original Soulreaper were branded with this mark by the Primordial Dragons, intended as an emblem for a revenant army.
The singular character, Szo'l, was the universal symbol for life (in the language of the Titans). Its inverse, R'peh, meant Death.
The two characters merged together formed the signature "Sul'repar" - roughly translated as "that which is all and none".

With this mark, the Soulreaper are able to enter a void state where they are neither alive nor dead - corporeal, yet ethereal...
Collectively, it acts as a key used to access other worlds, with new challenges and the greater rewards that can be found there.
An army of Soulreaper could be a potent weapon for the coming wars. The only uncertainty lies in their numbers.

Those who accept the Ethereal Signature unite with the Soulreaper, strengthening them all as one.
Once bound, the individual's name resounds with the names of all that have fought under its banner.
Written are the names...

Infernali - Prime
Blazpheme - First
Diana - Second
nifelheim - Third
FOADMF - Third
brunoblood - Sorcerer
damoon - Metamorph
Mike - Necromancer
SKI - Pyromancer
Thorwal - Telepath
Bruno - Hunter
Vendy - Shaman
Duncan - Seer
ktm - Shaman
krimzonice - Pyromancer
specialed - Telepath
Eddie - Elemental
davendorf - Seer
kratos73 - Djinn
Bamster - Conjuror
Jeanrousseau - Conjuror
SigGuy70 - Seer
young7513 - Djinn
Eduardito - Phantasm
Hoosierdad73 - Phantasm
Kevin - Initiate
dreadedallia - Hunter
Jecko (Unsustained)
Hailstorm - (Exiled)
breeg - (Lost)
J3susTuDi0s - (Lost)
freakymike - (Exiled)
ggriner - (Exiled)
Dorsey - (Exiled)
F2mad - (Lost)
JPer - (Exiled)
Vereb - (Exiled)
Tomas - (Exiled)
Uteachel - (Lost)
Warriorcat - (Lost)
leigh - (Lost)
danny - (Exiled)Sunioj...

05-29-2020, 09:55 AM
Would love to see one you clans NOT use that cheap "maiden" knock off font from dafont.

05-29-2020, 09:56 AM
Sharpening the blade, looking for new members.

The usual: Daily players wanted. Experience a plus, but not required. Contribute in any manner that suits you, just contribute.
The unusual: Seeking specialists - players focused on specific areas (the Arena, Raid Bosses, character collecting/awakening).
The details: I appreciate the efforts of members that dive into tasks of their own accord. It stimulates confidence within the clan.
The deal: You don't have to be the best or fastest or whatever. Just be a team player and enjoy the game.

Join us...

06-02-2020, 07:28 AM
It would appear that it is our moment to celebrate the victory of a fellow clan member.
Our resident metamorph, damoon, has earned first place in the Arena.


Damoon has been engaged in this lengthy campaign for many weeks, and we are proud to see him finally reach his goal.
We acknowledge the time and effort invested for such a task, and applaud his enthusiasm and determination in this endeavor.
We are truly fortunate to have such an interesting character among our ranks.

For bringing distinction to Soulreaper clan, I would like to bestow damoon with our first award of honor - the Blade of Damnation...


Forged in blood by tragedy, the Blade of Damnation is the last surviving artifact from the Infernal Arsenal of the Kingdom of Kaos.
Originally crafted for use against the Celestial Ones, the blade has the ability to extinguish the Cosmic Light within any being.
Harnessing spectral energy, the blade's potential for power is limited only by the user's own thresholds - glorious in the proper hand.

It is the prophet's belief that the Blade of Damantion may indeed be a significant factor in the upcoming wars, but this remains uncertain.
Thought to be lost after the fall of Rietas the Unhallowed, the blade was recently recovered from the A'ren A system by Soulreaper damoon.
As a metamorph, he has demonstrated exceptional endurance and has more than proven himself worthy to wield the blade.

A salute to you, and to your continued success...


06-03-2020, 08:32 AM
Awesome job! Congrats damoon!!!

06-03-2020, 04:20 PM
Congrats damoon!

07-27-2020, 03:44 AM
Is the plural form of Soulreaper really Soulreaper? Also can you clarify some of the distinctions such as metamorph, Djinn, etc? I know what the words means but what do they signify in your clan? Also how can you have two (2) “thirds”? Not 2/3 like in a pie chart mind you, but rather two members that both have the classification of “third”.

These are things that the people want to known but are too afraid to ask.

07-27-2020, 02:36 PM
Is the plural form of Soulreaper really Soulreaper? Also can you clarify some of the distinctions such as metamorph, Djinn, etc? I know what the words means but what do they signify in your clan? Also how can you have two (2) “thirds”? Not 2/3 like in a pie chart mind you, but rather two members that both have the classification of “third”.

These are things that the people want to known but are too afraid to ask.

You've got a good eye for details. There is a method to my madness, so allow me to clarify...

Yes, Soulreaper is intended as both singular and plural. Each individual clan member is a Soulreaper on their own mission, yet we act as one entity within the game (sharing the burden of challenges and the rewards they bring). Mind you, this is not some exclusive mentality since any clan could be described as such (see either of the "Legion" clans), and it just makes better sense in my mind than "Soulreapers".

As for the classifications, it is just something fun to express a bit of their personalities:
I classified damoon as a Metamorph because he is constantly changing his champion - like a shapeshifter.
Mike appears to be furthest along in unlocking and awakening characters - conjuring the dead to do his bidding.
Brunoblood is our top contributor and brings a certain vitality to the collective - his magic is second to none.
The Pyromancers thrive in the Arena, and one must be fiery to endure such a hellscape.
The Shamans contribute great numbers, improving the clan's overall constitution and wellbeing.
The Phantasms are those who are somewhat present, but to the point of being imperceptible.
I could go on, but they all kinda represent some factor of what they bring to the clan.

As for the two Thirds, they are the "Officers" of the clan:
Clan Leader is "First".
First Officer is actually second in command, so she is "Second".
Officers are equally in third position. Designating them as "Third" and "Fourth" would imply that one has a higher rank than the other, which is untrue - therefore both are "Third".

All of these things are just my attempt to inject a bit of amusement or entertainment into this whole clan feature by adding my own layers to the story. If I can't have fun with it, what would be the point?

I hope that this has been an illuminating fireside chat.

11-01-2020, 10:54 PM
id think one who reaps multiple souls would be a soulsreaper (actually souls-reaper) while multiple who reap souls would be soulreapers, but thats just me.

11-01-2020, 11:35 PM
id think one who reaps multiple souls would be a soulsreaper (actually souls-reaper) while multiple who reap souls would be soulreapers, but thats just me.

I believe the plural of the word soulreaper is soulreapers.
I do not think soulsreaper is an actual word, although I understand what you mean by it. If it is a real word it’s a new word to me and it doesn’t sound right to me.

Imagine you find your soulmate (or so you think) but it doesn’t work out. This happens multiple times throughout your life until one day you fine your actual soul mate and you live happily ever after.
Could you refer to these people from your past as so-called soulsmate? Or would so-called soulmates be more accurate?

Yes I know all of this is trivial but I’m bored.

11-10-2020, 08:27 AM
You only have one soul mate.