View Full Version : Looking for a warm space near the fireplace in an active clan

03-16-2020, 08:11 PM
Hi all

Old school gamer here, who dislikes clan/guild business (dismissed some huge clans/guilds in some popular games as the guildmaster/clan leader because of greedy players and time loss). I was quite happy when I first began playing LotB as there was no clan business. I tried to survive solo in my humble guild but current quest strategy and rewarding system increases the wedge between playing solo vs as a clan. Therefore time has come to be in an active guild again.

I am playing for good music, collector's aspect and underlying maths of it. So I am not evil, killer, destroyer etc :) And I do not want to miss specific rewards provided for clan only quests or cash.
I am daily active as long as my profession allows, playing all my troopers daily. Grinding or solving dungeons was never a problem.

I am 50+ and an age matched international (specificly not country/region based) clan is preferred, English is preferred for communication. Although I may work on both sides of the Atlantic, a European based clan will be better for time zone issues and communication.

Athough I applied to the forums last thursday, my aprroval mail came 30 min ago. So I left my humble clan to the daughter and have approx. 23 hours to enter a clan. I had begun sacrificing and sacrificed nearly for 1M essence, 30 exalted sacrifices but still have the reserve for 1.5-2 M essence, 20-30 exalted sacrifices. Purposefully did not get any clan rewards yet. A clan which has completed all the quests will not be suitable.

Am I asking for too much? probably not :)

03-17-2020, 06:54 PM
So no warm place on the horizon
will buy midgards by cash
will go on killing Odin alone if freezes and crashes allow :)

03-17-2020, 07:04 PM
I am building a clan with lone players.
It will take some time, patience will gain enormous merit.
In my previous clan I made 4 sac lvl 7 and about 16 sac lvl 6, around 1M esscence. I decided to abandon them because only I contributed to the challenges
If you are interested and want to join send me a private message