View Full Version : Game Update - March 31, 2020

03-31-2020, 11:40 PM
A new update is now available!

Inventory Improvements!
Our most recent update includes another set of inventory improvements!

The talisman list has been updated to have the same sorting options as characters.

We have also added search by name functionality to the character and talisman lists!

Apple Sign In Support
Apple users are now able to use the Apple sign-in option to create an account.

Important: If you choose Apple Sign In, you will be required to enter your Apple passcode every time you load the game. This is due to the security requirements of the feature.

If you are a new user or do not have your account linked to Facebook or email, you can choose to link through Apple Sign in.

Please note that if you already have an account connected to email, or Facebook, you will not be able to use Apple Sign In to access it. Using Apple Sign In when you already have an existing account (even if you use the same email address) will simply start a new account - It will NOT link to an existing account.

Soul Changes
Grimoire Soul Fragments can now be converted into Precious Soul Fragments

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue where a Clan member could lose connection to the Clan chat.
Fixed an issue where in some cases an attempted item purchase would fail and become locked.
Fixed a minor issue where the refresh timer text for Sands of Blood would wrap around.
Fixed an issue causing some damage numbers during battles to display letters
Fixed an issue where the Arena streak bonuses could scale incorrectly.
Fixed an issue where Sands of Blood would not display as rewards correctly.

Tuning Changes

This release includes Raid Boss battle tuning and reward improvements. For full details
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release! (https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13304-April-2020-Part-1-Tuning-PRELIMINARY)

Event Extension
The Eternal Sin event has been extended to April 1st at 5pm PT.