View Full Version : Server Update - April 6, 2020

04-07-2020, 02:10 AM
Hello Troopers,

Here is the most recent update on the state of the game. We have just pushed a new server that addresses a number of issues currently in-game. We are also planning to push another client and server update at a later date with the main goal of addressing the stability issues currently on live.

The server that we pushed today addresses the following:

A correction on the drop information in the reward table for Einherjar's Path (Folkvangr Fragments were incorrectly listed as regular rewards. While these can be received as first time completion rewards and from event challenges, they do not drop in the dungeon through regular play. The Sentinel Fragments which have been dropping in the dungeon are the correct rewards and this is now reflected in the Reward table)
Fix for unawakened Odins having an incorrect passive skill. They will now gain their proper passive skill at max Awakening as advertised.
Fix for password reset emails failing to send (if you attempted to receive a new password using this system, please attempt to resend and the email should now come through)
Removing the 'repeatable' component from Clan event challenges from Einherjar's Path event. Unfortunately we were unable to resolve the issue that was preventing these challenges from functioning properly. These challenges still exist, but are no longer 'repeatable'.
We have extended the wait time between autoplays to 10 seconds. We believe that this will help reduce server load and improve playability across the game
5 event challenges that were meant to provide players with additional Folkvangr Fragments and other rewards are not appearing in the Event Challenge screen. Rather than forcing the appearance of these challenges we have simply placed the rewards players should have received from these into the compensation pack. Once claimed the Folkvangr Fragments from the Compensation pack, along with the Fragments earnable from the currently exisiting event challenges will provide a total of 10 Folkvangr Souls as is noted in the newsfeed.

The compensation pack is currently live in the Event Store. This compensation pack includes a wide variety of items meant to compensate for the issues with Einherjar's Path as well as the impact the server errors have had on Fools Errand, Nameless Nights, Eternal Sin, and gameplay in general.

We will continue to monitor the situation and hope to get our next set of stability fixes out as soon as we're able. As always, we will do our best to keep you updated.

Thank you again for your patience.

EDIT: Our most recent update introduced a data issue that has affected Viking Eddie effectively making this character unplayable. While it may appear as though this character is now awakenable, please refrain from doing so. This character *will* be awakenable at a future point this month, but doing so now will lead to further issues with your character. We are currently building a fix to resolve this data issue.

If you have already awakened Viking Eddie please contact our support team for assistance.