View Full Version : Seventh Sons Clan Looking for New ACTIVE Members

04-09-2020, 07:08 PM
Greetings Legacy of the Beast Players!!

Seventh Sons is looking for new clan members, who play daily.

As the game evolves, we will continue to see additional Clan Challenges, Raid Bosses as well as other
additional rewards and incentives for clan members!

I will be reviewing all new member requests, and processing them daily. I only ask that you play at least a few times
a week (Daily would be great) to contribute to the clans success!

As our roster fills up, I will continue to review our roster, removing inactive players, until we have a full roster of active players.

If you have any questions, please post here, or send me a private message.

Let's take down some raid bosses and reap the rewards!

Up The Irons!

Evil Dan