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09-10-2016, 08:48 AM
I have been playing the game for almost two months and on Madness Underworld. I signed out of my account and forgot the password to sign back in. I tried to reset and when I did I realised that I miss typed my email address by leaving out two numbers. Long story short I have lost all progress. I have emailed the wrong email I put in (no reply but it exists) and I have obviously tried to contact support numerous times and just get ticket numbers. At the end of the day I gave up and started again. I am doing quite well fairly quickly but need help with decent troopers. I really do not want to spend so much time again! I still do not understand exactly how they work because I keep searching on recommended and when I get the pending they disappear? I assume some people do not want to share their troopers with me?

So please
1. Can some of you share some solid troopers to help me get where I was
2. Can someone clearly explain the trooper pending thing or point me towards the post if it has been done already


09-10-2016, 02:08 PM
1. Sure, it'd help if you told us your user name though.
2. Pending means you have sent them an invite but they have not responded. The invites auto-expire after 24 hours I think (happy to be corrected...). You can also delete a Pending invite, I suspect that is subject to the daily cap for removing troopers though.