View Full Version : Hotfix + Compensation Pack - August 24, 2020

08-24-2020, 09:37 PM
Hello Troopers,

This afternoon we pushed a new server that contained a fix for a Wicked Temptations Clan event challenge "Inflict Silence or Perfect Silence" that was giving the incorrect type of Freya Fragment. This challenge should now be giving the correct rewards moving forward. We know there are players who most likely completed this challenge before the fix went live.

In light of this, we have added a new additional Clan challenge that should be easy to complete (Battle 50 times in the Lord of Light or Brave New World), and will provide the correct Freya Fragments. You may need to force close and reload your game to get this new challenge to appear.

Please note that you must be in a Clan to see these event challenges.

Also, at tonight's reset, a compensation pack for the Final Frontier event will be added to the store. It was brought to our attention that Alchemist Fragments were not appearing in Satellite 15 as they were supposed to while that event was running. To make up for this, we've added a compensation pack in store that contains 100 Alchemist Fragments (this is the expected number of fragments players would have received had Satellite 15 dropped the rewards correctly), as well as a small amount of Ironite.

Check the store to claim this pack after 5pm PT!