View Full Version : September Update Coming Tomorrow!

09-29-2020, 12:15 AM
Hello Troopers,

Tomorrow morning at 10:30am PT we will be pushing our month end update. This update will feature a large change to the variable delivery service that is responsible for Soul rotations, event data etc.

This service update should resolve a number of issues that have been present in the game for some time, including: previous season's Gauntlet rewards being given at the wrong time, Sacrifice or PvP buttons disappearing, fragments not dropping during Sacrifice events etc.

While it has been tested thoroughly, this system change was a very large undertaking, and there may be issues that emerge from this switch in the coming days. Please know that we are keeping a careful eye out for any unusual behaviour linked to this change. Should we find any issues with this update, we will work to deliver a fix ASAP.

Overall, we believe this change will provide better play experience for everyone!

Thank you,

The Legacy of the Beast Team