View Full Version : Game Update - Living Nightmares Challenges - October 1st 2020

10-01-2020, 06:45 PM
This update to Living Nightmares is now live! Simply reload your game to see the changes listed below.


Hello Troopers,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the difficulty of the Infernal Dungeons Hard level and the Challenges associated with it in the Living Nightmares event.

We have decided to make the requirements for this event more accessible by reducing its challenge requirements. Many of the challenges will be adjusted from requiring completed runs of the Hard level, to ANY level. The challenges that include completions with a specific Talisman set will have the quantity of required runs reduced significantly.

These changes will be implemented in the game shortly. You will not be required to update and your current progress will not be affected. We’ll post again once those changes are live!

We would like to note that this dungeon will continue to be a challenge!

There will also be a total of 3 free Infernal Dungeon keys available from the Store (up from the 1 key initially offered).

EDIT - Just a quick note that the Updates from the News Frontier post has been moved to tomorrow, October 2nd

^ Ceeg