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10-14-2020, 05:17 PM
The third clan in Caesarís empire is founded:
(After main: CaesarsLegion - constant SSS-clan; sister LudusCaesarus - meanwhile SS-clan) itís time to proudly present to you:
Caesar Inc.

Join the empire 🤘🏻
Ave, Caesar

10-14-2020, 05:39 PM
This is the entire empire \m/

10-29-2020, 01:32 PM
Beware the idea of March ��

10-30-2020, 09:33 AM
Yeah, thx Zug,

will be, bro
I was just curious, when this topic would appear here.
And actually I already thought about naming a possible 4th clan like this ;)

11-20-2020, 05:22 PM
The main clan (CL) is full atm ... tho we are always looking for suitable replacements ... and new soldiers that join one of our two other clans in Caesar's Empire:

Ludus Caesarus:

Caesar Inc.:

As CL and LC are both SSS clans, our mainly work will be based on recuitment and growing of CI.
See y'all there soon!!!


12-04-2020, 11:20 PM
Hi Caesar, is there a free spot in CI ? Would like to join, my location : Germany. My forum name the same as in the game. Thanks for reply

12-05-2020, 06:06 AM
Hey Mariner. Yes, we have slots in Ceasar Inc. Easiest way to get in touch with us is on our discord, which we'll want you to join anyway.

12-05-2020, 06:08 PM
Ok thx, just left my old clan. Need to wait first. See you soon.

12-12-2020, 06:52 AM
We've still got 5 more slots if anyone is interested. Stop by our discord and say hi. https://discord.gg/jW4ynfgBJ7

02-08-2021, 12:03 AM
Caesar Inc in the 3rd clan in Caesar's Empire. We've reached SSS in the weekly raid for the last 3 weeks in a row. We're currently "full," but we have one member who hasn't played in over a month, so I'll consider making space for the right kind of person.

I'm interested in finding someone who plays daily, spends their sands of blood, and is interested in learning how to Raid. Of course, I'd happily take someone who can already kill BaphX repeatedly, but I know that most of those people are already in good clans.

These are the Caesar Inc rules.
1) Have fun. This is a game. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. (And don't be afraid to ask questions. We're here to help you have fun.)

2) Try to check in every day. Ideally check in and spend your Sands of Blood, but at the very least, spend a minute clicking the clan "Check-In" button. It'll help you, and it'll help the rest of us too.

3) Everyone can attack Baphs 1-9 and Odins 1-10 whenever they want without worrying about the state they leave it in. Do your best, but any damage you can do on these characters helps the clan. When in doubt, do Baph9.

4) Do not attack Baph10 unless you're going to kill him. You should always leave this boss at 100% for the next clanmate. A lot of the enjoyment higher level people get from this game is getting SSS runs on Baph10. If you attack and don't kill him, you are hurting the fun of your clanmates. (See rule #1)

5) To make sure we don't get in each other's way, when you go in to fight Baph10, you must say so in game chat. Then say again when you're done. And, obviously, don't attack the boss someone has said they're attacking until they say they're done. (You don't need to do this for Baphs1-9 or any Odin, just Baph10.)

If that sounds like the kind of place you'd like to join, come see me on our Discord server (link in my sig), and we'll discuss it.

06-30-2021, 01:44 AM
We're doing a little bit of house cleaning and will have one or two spaces open up. We've gotten SSS in the raid for the last 22 weeks straight and generally get most of the clan challenges during clan events. If you're a regular player who is interested in raiding or learning to raid, stop by our discord (link in my sig) and let's talk.

09-15-2021, 03:05 AM
We've got a slot open now.

Caesar Inc is part of a 4 clan empire with a ton of information we can teach you. Before the Raid changes, we got SSS every week for the better part of a year. To be perfectly honest, we're unlikely to get SSS again for a while. But, we'll get S every week, and we got SS last week during the raid event.

We're looking for a frequent player who will raid regularly. Don't worry if you're new to raiding. We'll teach you how to kill BaphX and AmatX.

If you're interested, stop by our discord (link in my sig).

10-24-2021, 04:46 AM
We've got space for a few new people. We get at least S every week and have reached SS three times since the raid changes. We get all of the clan challenges on Clan events.

Looking for frequent players of any level. Don't worry if you don't know how to raid. We'll be happy to teach you.

10-29-2021, 06:27 PM
We've gotten to SS for the last 4 weeks in a row, and 10 of our members haven't been contributing over that time. If we got a few more raiders, or people interested in learning to raid, we'd solidify our ability to get SS and maybe even start pushing back into SSS territory. If you're at all interested, let me know.

11-29-2021, 06:25 AM
Okay, over the last 8 weeks we were driving to get our second Amat allies, and that pushed us to get SS 4 times and SSS 4 times. I'm sure we'll slow down somewhat now that Divine Origins is basically over, but we have the ability to get there when necessary. We'll definitely get at least S every week, and will probably get SS some weeks.

We've got a few people who have stopped playing, so if you're looking for a clan and you're interested in raiding, stop by our discord and let's chat.

01-09-2022, 08:44 PM
It turns out that we didn't slow down much when the Amat mega event finished. We've now gone 13 weeks in a row with SS or better, 5 of which were SSS. And we always get all clan challenges.

We've got room for another clanmate. If you're a regular player and looking for a clan, stop by our discord and contact me about it.