View Full Version : New Avalon quest.

03-07-2021, 07:02 PM
Any suggestions on teams to run so that you survive with "100% health " I feel like I have but everytime I never get the 3rd skull

03-07-2021, 07:07 PM
use celestial talismans, or van helsing eddie

03-07-2021, 09:22 PM
That is sadly not enough. You are receiving Reflected Damage from the Fomorian. Try going to the battle also with The Prisoner or any toon which keep the Fomorian disabled

03-07-2021, 09:29 PM
I've completed it with Dark Road Eddie and Odin with Peace talisman

03-07-2021, 10:18 PM
I completed it with a Grim Reaper Eddie from a trooper, he only had alchemy and bespoke talisman, my team was an angel of death (the purple one) and an Eda (yellow valkyrie). I made sure to finish with the last wave after I healed with Eda.

It's not a difficult quest, you just need to think about what you can use...