View Full Version : Hi fellow Troopers and IM fans :)

09-12-2016, 11:53 AM
Hi people!

I've been playing the game since the beginning, but I've only just registered here and started posting looking for new troopers and reading the guides, tips and tricks (I must be doing something wrong, since a couple of my friends have advanced so much and I'm at star 3 Eddie, Level 54). Although, I have to admit I haven't been active during 3 weeks of my vacation; I've logged into the game every day to get the daily prizes (and the bonus), but I haven't had time, the battery or desire to play while I was on my vacation. Now I'm very active once again and still pretty much have no clue on what to do with my allies :D (but getting there).

Anyways, IM has been my favorite band since I was 12 years old. They were the second metal band I've ever heard (Metallica being the first) and I instantly fell in love with them. To this day, after a lot of years of being a metalhead (16 to be precise, boy I'm old), IM is the only band I really truly love. Therefor, this game got my interest the first thing it came out, even though I don't like playing games on my cell phone. Melodic black metal is my favorite genre, but I'm also into melodic death metal, doom, speed and thrash, a bit of heavy and power (was into power and heavy a lot more when I was younger).

I'm a passionate gamer, playing all my games on PC (mostly RPG, but I'm also a fan of strategies, first person shooter, actions, adventures). Right now I'm in the process of trying to save enough money to buy a new computer which is Witcher III ready. That's not going too well, because I ended up spending all the money on my vacation, but it's not the end of the world (it is since I'm dying without Witcher III), the game is not going anywhere. Right now, I'm re-playing Aveyond series games.

Besides music and video games, I like to spend my free time reading books. Currently (last few months), I'm in my "(epic)fantasy" phase and I'm reading David Gemmell's Waylander II. I also like reading classics, horrors, crime novels, about alternative history and conspiracy theories. One of my favorite authors is Mikhail Bulgakov.

My best friends is my dog - a female Siberian Husky called Roma (I'm a fan of Ancient Rome, as you may have presumed). I like taking long walks with her, especially during fall or winter and, thanks to her, I now spend a lot more time outside and being active. We're both a bit grumpy, so we don't socialize a lot when we're not in the mood :) Oh and I've become one of those people who says "The more I know people, the more I like animals" :cool:

I used to watch football ("soccer", even though the word gives me the creeps) a lot in my younger days, being a huuuuge fan of Seria A and Juventus (the irony: my dog is black and white, but named Roma - and I hate the team)! I even used to bet a bit, just for fun. I used to train swimming and tennis, but now I play tennis from time to time and go swimming 2-3 times a week.

I could go on and on and on (as you may have noticed), but I think this is more than enough. If anyone wishes to add me, my ID is Rusalka-6140.

Already looking forward to new friends :)