View Full Version : DEVS Please!!! Class/Talismans/Slots WHO needs a revamp/review

09-12-2016, 07:13 PM
Hello Troopers!!

I would like to put this matter on the table, and check if Im not the only one who think that some Talismans/Classes needs an urgent review, or revamp as the title states.
One example is for the Assassins(not the best class by the way) starting with the 3 talismans rule. the rest of classes just needs 2 to obtain a benefit, but assasins needs 3, so if they already has
color required talismans slots, for example, one yellow or green , you must choose what benefit put aside, the Health plus or the Strenght one, because you need the other 3 slots for the damned purple ones...
Additionally, the Talisman stats are lower than the ones for the other classes, and the effect is poor too. Resilence Talis and Resistance ones, add magic and strength respectively, based on DEF and MR!!!!!
This is class killer, due to Assassins have the lowest stats of DEF and MR on the whole game(232 at MAX level is a joke!) so the addition is really poor, this plus the low hp the class has.

There are many ways to correct this (giving the assasins 7 talisman slots instead of just 6, changing the 3 talis rule to just 2, improving DEF and MR, and so on...) but thats on devs hands.

Besides, there are some other chars who has colored slots which not help at all to improve his abilities, ex. Angel Of Fear has 2 Red slots and a Yellow one, and he has no attacks based on ATT... so he loses 2 slots.
The Angel of Strife has 2 blue Tali slots, and HE HAS NO MAGIC BASED Attacks.....The Gunner Dog has one Purple slot, so you can choose in lose one slot, or use 3 for the purple set(the useless purple set...)

I would like to read your comments, and in some way, take the attention of the devs...

Regards everyone!

09-12-2016, 08:49 PM
FYI, you only need 2 Resilience talismans to get the bonus (Magic increased through Defense and MR), despite the text saying it's a three talisman set.

My 4* 80th level Assassin Golden Son uses 3 Resistance and 2 Resilience talismans, and I get both bonuses that, IMO, are not as bad as you state. Maybe Defense and MR are low in Assassins, but both values are added up to get these bonuses.

09-12-2016, 08:51 PM
Well.. Everything needs a revamp hahaha, and I won't stop saying this until we get am answer: it has been 3 weeks since the last official update, and almost 2 weeks since the last update by any of the devs. We can request as many features as we desire, but if we are left alone then I don't know what we can do.