View Full Version : Whats best for a champion?

09-18-2016, 07:29 AM
Ive had this question ever since i got my warrior COTD, what should i use as my champion?

Ive got The Nomad
An Alliance General (with really REALLY bad talismans)
A warrior COTD
And soldier Eddie (with really REALLY bad talismans)

Currently using the nomad cuz i have 4* talismans for him and 1 5* overwhelming health, but that can also go for warrior cotd...

09-18-2016, 07:58 AM
i think that eddies are best for high level player, since they don't have to use them and can put them in the third slot. if you got many low-level trooper one of the allies should be best, because they can use them to clear some level.

09-18-2016, 08:17 AM
Well it depends, imo if ur trying to get all secret lvls and some have "complete in X amount of time" warrior COTD would be godlike, otherwise i think his dmg is meh.

My nomad is lvl 60ish now, i cant find any red lvl shards...

09-18-2016, 05:21 PM
I've been rotating my trooper lately to see what gets the most use and I definitely get the most badges from my Level 80 4* Magus Allied Solider. Which is weird because my level 80 4* Warrior RocketDog got no love but is super strong. My Level 80 Sentinel Soulless Demon did fairly well but I had to repurpose his talismans for other characters and I won't screw over my troopers by having a champion who isn't using my best Talismans.

My 5* Nomad didn't get much love. On the one hand, he was low level so that probably put some people off. On the other hand, a level 40 Nomad had higher stats than any level 80 I own and with the talismans I gave him wrecked things. He is at level 64 now and I'll try him again when he's maxed to see if he gets more love.

I tried a couple Eddies but I don't have any really great ones so while they were sometimes used it was never as much as the soldier. I am back to using the soldier now until something cooler comes along.