View Full Version : Pvp ranking system rewards!

10-03-2016, 05:28 PM
i think that the ranking system should have a built in reward system, higher rank better rewards, and the rewards should be pretty good!

Imo rewards should vary from a poor man's owl cultist to a champion's legendary soul!

From rank 50 to rank 1 and after rank 1 you go into the Beast rank and in beast rank you stop gaining ranks and you start seeing your ranking between all beast players! The higher you get in ranks the more rewards you will get! And in every rank you fight other players of that rank!

Lets say in rank 50 you get a regular soul, rank 45 an assassin/gunner soul, rank 40 a rare soul, rank 35 assassin rare soul, rank 30 you get to select between all of the 3* chars in the game (any 3* even assassins and gunners), etc...

Kinda like hearthstone and in the end of the season ranking resets...