View Full Version : Builds for soldier eddie?

10-05-2016, 03:34 PM
Anybody know a good build for soldier eddie? Ive seen many go with builds that result in 12k hp (from talismans) and 3.4k attack (from talismans) and some with 22k ho (from taismans) and 2k attack (i dont think i need to say it again)

What do most of you use? Id love to hear everyone's opinion! I currently have 2 strength fierce, 2 boost will and 2 boost onslaught...

10-05-2016, 03:38 PM

The optimal builds are these described there. Whoever has not 12k/3,5k on the soldier has health issues, due to not strong allies/healers IMO.

10-05-2016, 03:42 PM
2 strength (safeguard) 4/4
2 boost (bulwark) 5/5
2 guardian (fierce) 5/4

HP 18267
ATK 2307
DEF 705
MAG 976
MR 624
SPC 805

10-06-2016, 07:53 AM
Have a look at my Eddie (add me, see my Id in my signature)
I'm :
HP 23 449
ATK : 2527
DEF : 950
SPC : 773

And I need to up 2 FIERCE and one boost talisman, when the 3 star drop rate will be fixed !