View Full Version : Massive Increase in data consumption

07-14-2016, 04:33 AM
Howdy yall, this is my first post and let me start by saying that I love it. It's really well made and I have been playing it nonstop for a good while.

Since the server crashed on July 12th however, I noticed a massive (and i mean MASSIVE) increase in the game's data consumption.

Since the beginning of July until the 12th I had used about 20 mb while playing on Mobile data for about 2 hours per day.

Since the incident however, I used up 140mb for the game, only to play about one hour. At this point my phone issued me a warning about Mobile data consumption and I stopped. I tried to play a level today (about 10 minutes gameplay) and I used up 15 mb more.

I re-installed the game and checked if my phone and Android version were ok and they are.
Please help me out admins, I really wanna play this game!!

My ign is andrekero-6751
Account ID: 750702949176467456