View Full Version : Cant load the game on bluestacks2 anymore

07-14-2016, 12:46 PM
i have played the game on Bluestacks 2 and since 2 days the game closes before the start button would appear. reinstalling doesnt help.
when will you fix it?

07-17-2016, 11:00 PM
I too have encountered the issue of not being able to play on Bluestacks, The vast majority of apps (i have encountered) on Google Play are playable on Bluestacks
I myself played Call of Duty:Heroes on Bluestacks while tablet was on charge, It would be good if the devs could look into this

Per Ardua :cool:

07-18-2016, 03:53 AM
I believe it's a bluestacks issue. Another game I play stopped working on bluestacks about a week ago from what I understand. (Marvel Future Fight)