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07-15-2016, 12:35 AM
I'm stuck at 3rd map Heart Of Darkness. What should i work on first, which unit, which talismans etc.
I have completed 1st map on both Normal and Hard. Atm i can't beat 1st world on Madness, 2nd world also completed on Normal, stuck on Hard on Garden Of Aset.

So far my available characters are:
-Eddie 3* lvl51(for now) 4x Strenght talisman 3x2*, 1x3*

-Wickerman Eddie 3* lvl54 2x Holy Talisman 1x3*,1x2*; 2x Shock Talisman 3*

-Alliance General (green) 5* lvl21 6x Health Talisman 3x2*, 3x1*

-Corrupt Owl Cultist (blue) 3* lvl26-----seems like trash tier unit, suggest me if i should use it or not, and what talisman to use on it

-Corrupt Ox Cultist (green) 3* lvl8 -II-

-Harpy (red) 3* lvl 34 -II- it sure feels as trash of trash tier

-Wickerdog Queen (blue) 3* lvl17------seems decent, not too amazed by its abilities, 5pwr magic charge would be worthwhile only in full magic team i guess?

-Owl Cultist (blue) 2* lvl16----it's downside is lack of *, single target magic dmg to me looks better than AoE(also its tooltip suggest his basic deals good dmg, if upgraded i guess), as it allows you to burst down the enemies, you can fight vs 3 instead of 4 etc.

-Ox Cultist (green) 2* lvl40 3x Health Talisman 3x3*----Atm my only viable healer, again downside lack of *

-Wickerdog Of Day (red) 2* lvl1-----Considering of evolving him, seems like he has potential to do some dmg

-Pharaoh Sun Spirit 1* lvl----Same as WoD(red) altho since its 1* unit idk if its worth to invest in, his PWR ability seems really useful "deal PHY dmg to all enemy, Heal all allies, Heal amound based on ATK stat"

-Wickerdog Of Night (blue) 2* lvl31----Beginner Trash tier, its magic stat seems trash, therefore its single target heal is redundant as enemy usually hit for at least double the damage than it can heal....

Feel free to inspect me on trooper search for more detailed info. Thanks.

07-15-2016, 01:07 AM
I would suggest maxing out the talismans on the alliance general first, you were very lucky to get a 5 star character so early so boost it up as much as possible.

you probably need a healer unit for later into the game, I would suggest bringing up that wickerman dog mage with holy talismans.

A lot will depend on how you are using your skill shards as well, wickerman eddie is a good choice for leveling those up and so is the wickerman dog mage.

my endgame farm team (which can do underworld madness) is a wickerman dog with maxed out skills, a allied soldier (blue) with maxed out skills and 4 star soldier eddie. at that level my dog can heal for around 20K per cast, significantly more with buffs.

corrupt ox cultist is also capable of healing reasonably well and can be a lot more durable by throwing on a number of health talismans.

most important, bring all your talismans to 3 star level 15, this can be done by farming the highest possible areas you can (seems like battlefield normal, KOS hard and ailing madness)

07-15-2016, 01:37 AM
Hi StefanHaines, how do you max out so many skills? Skill Shards are so rare.

07-15-2016, 06:09 AM
You get them through playing through the campaign and clearing all of the difficulty levels. They can also drop from Secret Locations, so the more of those you have open, the more skill shards you have a chance to get. Finally, you can get a Skill Shard once per week from the Trooper Shop in the store using Trooper Badges.

07-15-2016, 06:17 AM
Thanks for reply, one more thing i used skill shards on Allied General and Eddie(to raise his stun proc), so atm i have 0 of them, beginner mistake. >_<

Also when will my PWR cap increase to 7? As Allied Gen PWR req 7 PWR points. :/