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10-17-2016, 05:49 AM
So after many moons of manually grinding LoL dungeons 7-10, I am only 1 3* evo away from my first 5* toon!

So who should it be?

I have a few 4* toons, but of the ones that get regular use and have been developed more, Im choosing from:

- Soldier Eddie: My goto Eddie. Dont have a 2nd set of yellow talismans ready though. Only two skillshards done.
- SoL Eddie: My 2nd Eddie. Mainly used for farming LoL X or underworld madness now, with Assassin Golden Son keeping my team alive long enough to win... eventually. No skillshards
- Assassin Golden Son: Pretty much essential in my team atm & also my trooper. Thinking Id go a set of blinds & a set of assassin talismans. Has 2 skillshard upgrades.
- Magus Allied Soldier: Mainstay of any new team. Mine is no different. Maxed out skillshards, so hits hard. Would look at going a set of freeze talons & thinking blinds, or maybe even one green + a set of holy.
- PSS: Much raved about. But tend to use golden son mostly atm, except for LoL. Maybe at 5* I would have enough heal not to need to use my golden son.

So anyway, any thoughts or musings would be welcome. Also, with the next update, does it change what is attractive? I do have a Magus angel, sentinel undead allied soldier or gunner dog I could look to upgrade too (Or stock & wickerman eddie).


10-17-2016, 09:59 AM
I'd wait until the update and then decide. I think as of now I'd go with soldier Eddie, but I want to see how he plays after the update first. I rarely use my SoL Eddie because he's too fragile.

I will say your Golden Son is pretty nice. I only have the red and blue ones. The red one is like the assassin one on basic attack, but power move reduces healing (handy on sentinel dungeon day). The Blue one has a huge heal when it triggers, but it is one of those random chance things.

I pretty much rotate between the golden sons, allied soldier, and PSS as my 4th in the dungeons depending on the day. I wish I had the red Angel though.

10-17-2016, 10:07 AM
As of now my 5* pss heals for 10k+ with full maxed strength fierce

10-17-2016, 11:19 AM
Soldier Eddie to Auto-farm. PSS for manual farm. Blue Soldier will be nerfed, so no. Purple golden son is very good, but PSS heals rock. Heal, get extra turn, heal again, extra turn, attack, gg.

10-18-2016, 07:29 AM
Well just ACTUALLY checked & seems I dont have the 3* yellows I need for soldier eddie. Must be something to do with my usualy goldenson / SoL Eddie combo not working against the gunner lord :/ So that would probable be a lot longer to get him to 5*.

I do appreciate all the advice and am leaning towards PSS atm. Though, I am really keen to see what my 5* golden son would do. Atm, he's doing 1500-3000 damage AoE (with soldier eddies boost) in red lol dungeon X as a 4* without maxed skillshards or talismans. Plus its his immortality skill keeping my 4* team alive (on 1 HP) in X easily, allowing me to farm more 3* evo shards... And I think Ill be farming LoL10 for a while yet before my team can stand on its own!