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10-20-2016, 12:38 PM
Well it took me months it felt to get enough mats to get my first 5*. And then in the space of 5 days I've gotten enough 3* rainbow evo shards to go again!

So who to go, with the new update changes taken into account?

Options have changes slightly now:

SoL Eddie - Hes probably now my #1 Eddie
Mummy Eddie - Hearing some good stuff about him since the update
Eddie - Ditto
Wickerman Eddie - Ditto
PSS - Was killer, but post fierce talisman nerf? And with SoL eddie, do I need his heal?
Magus Allied Soldier - Yeah, reflect isnt quite as good, but Im using it more for half damage... And he still seems to hit hard
Wickerdog King - Steal beneficial effect is good & at 5* maxed, he hits hard doesnt he? His attack skill didnt get a new like wdq right?
Angel of Pain - Not sure he is so useful in the campaign, but I hate fighting against him, so surely he's gotta be pretty good right? Some seemingly useful anti-buff skills (PVP I could see him being awesome)

Am using SoL eddie for healing a lot now, so do I even need PSS? The heal extending immortality of my 5* assassin golden son is a big bonus. Unless Im up against burny boost removers, or effect stealers or magus angel of pains, Im unbeatable (LoL X doesnt cause any issues at all, even though my team is nowhere near good enough really).

Should I be trying to get 'normal' toons to 5* first for survivability before eddies? Or SoL/Mummy 5* is just too good to say no to?

Thanks in advance!

10-20-2016, 01:38 PM
Always Eddie first ;)
Then work on his flanks.

10-24-2016, 08:12 AM
Ended up giving SoL a nice boost ... But thanks to the update, I've got enough rainbow evos again!

So who is better now, PSS or Wickerdog King?
(Mummy Eddie will be next after them)

Havent got enough coloured 3* evo shards now, so its probably going to be a while in LoL dungeons before I get more upgrades after that though :/