View Full Version : Game not working on Bluestacks2 anymore - BlueStacks is not supported

07-16-2016, 07:10 PM
I noticed it stopped working 1-2 days ago 15.07.2016-14.07.2016. I strongly urge you to fix it, as it is more enjoyable for me to play the game on larger screen (about the size of average tablet i guess).

I know it isn't your top priority, but i feel like it would make the game accessible to larger audience thus making the game more popular. Users with windows phones, Android or Ios phones with too low specs for example, because at the moment they cannot play the game on those devices.

That being said, if by any chance you intentionally disabled the games ability to run on Bluestacks2 -- I can only hope you fix/enable it again.

Best regards.

07-17-2016, 05:43 AM
Your post has been edited for language. Please avoid unacceptable language in the future when you're attempting to express yourself. These forums are public and family-friendly.

There would be no point in the dev team spending time and effort on making the game purposely not work on certain platforms or devices. As anyone on an iOS or Android device that is below our minimum specifications can attest to, users simply receive a warning that their device is not supported and they will likely see performance issues.

It's likely a different problem you're facing that affects all platforms. You can test that yourself by logging into your account on an Android or iOS device. If you run into the same issue, it's not because you're on BlueStacks.