View Full Version : Too many runes, shards, evo?

10-27-2016, 03:34 PM
Is it really neccessary to have that many kinds of shards/runes/evo shards/evo runes?
Some have problems to grind for 1* or 2* Evo for a particular color ones because they only drop on the easy and extremly boring (at least if you have a 3* or 4* team) levels - and only if you have a lot of luck.
I wasted 2 SoT refills searching for red 1* Evos and got exactly 4 red and 1 or 2 blue. Oh, and 284 Gold per run

Maybe it would be better if we had colorless and rainbow runes/evos/shards?
It would also solve the stacking problems in inventory