View Full Version : Power Up is not powering up as much as it says - known issue, we're working on it

07-22-2016, 04:04 AM
I'm powering up my Hell Dice, currently 3* level 8.
If I go to "Power Up", and pick 5 x 1* Red shard, it says it should upgrade 477% to lvl 12 (e.g., HP from 487 to 535).
I then pay the 375 gold, and it only upgraded me to lvl 11 (HP went to 523).
This is repeatable.
Trying 5 x 1* green shards on the same character, it should upgrade 309% to lvl 14, and it _does_ do that fine.

I suspect there's a bug with the "bonus" upgrade for the same colour - red shards are supposed to upgrade red characters more, right? Well, that's not happening today.

Only noticed this today, with the latest build of the app (downloaded an hour ago).
On Android.

07-22-2016, 04:51 AM
I can confirm this, the preview of powering up doesn't match end result. Latest build, Android version.

07-22-2016, 06:30 AM
This is happening to me too, but only on my 3* Run To The Hills Eddie; everyone else seems to get what the preview says they should.

07-22-2016, 08:22 PM
My updgrades are not only not going as far as they should - they're not sticking if I reload the app.

07-23-2016, 07:52 AM
Same thing is happening to me. I contacted support about it a few days ago, but have yet to get a reply.

07-26-2016, 04:53 PM
I was powering up my new 4* soldier eddie, and in the preview (when setting shards for the upgrade) it said he would reach a higher level than what he actually reached when I clicked "ok". I noticed this happening yesterday as well, don't remember if it was with another character.

Edit: ok, I saw that this was already reported. I can't figure out how to delete my thread, though...