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The Educated Fool Gr
07-23-2016, 11:41 PM
First off since it's my first post, I'll congratulate your efforts because the base of the game is excellent, really entertaining and with respect to the band's history. But it's way too plagued with bugs. Since I've hit the Underworld mark, 30-40% of my battles have been crashed due to some bug. I'll report the last ones that I'm stuck into and have found no turnaround after trying 10 times each. This is ridiculous since I'm spending my sands of time, paying, and this is not acceptable for a f2p game in my humble opinion.

1.Eagle's nest - Hard mode: The game freezes just as the top left soldier of the 1st wave attacks. And no I can't take him out on my 1st turn, it's impossible.
2. The number of the beast - Normal: Freeze at the start of the 3rd wave. Music continues, you can hit the play/pause button and speed button, but the control buttons NEVER show up. Happened at 3 of my 10 attempts in the quest.
3. The number of the beast - Normal: Freeze at the start of the 4th wave. Happened at 3 of my 10 attempts in the quest.
4. The number of the beast - Normal: Freeze when I dealt the final blow at the Assassin transformation of the beast. Happened at 4 of my 10 attempts.

These are without mentiong the reflect shield bug which is still REALLY annoying since my team is based on that. Needless to say how ridiculous is the fact that The number of the Beast is the final quest of the game and it's so bugged, right?

07-24-2016, 12:17 AM
While I agree that the reflect bug is annoying, it's really not that hard to avoid. And no, I don't mean leaving your reflect at home.

Every time I've encountered an enemy with reflect, it was a troll that started the level with it. It wears off before their first action. So all you need to do is either A) not attack your first turn or B) cast your reflect as you last action that first turn. Never had an issue by following those two scenarios.

07-25-2016, 04:47 AM
2, 3 and 4 are the same bug.

These are all known bugs that the team is working on.

Possible workarounds until the bugs are squashed:
1) Borrow a high-level trooper to kill the problematic enemy before he attacks
2,3,4) The game team believes is caused by characters frozen by Blizzard Shield. Try not to end a wave with a frozen character.
The reflect bug you can avoid by following Trystangst's advice.