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10-30-2016, 01:10 PM
OK, have not had much luck on the update so far, but I hold out hope for FOTD Eddie! But in all my souls, I havent had the best luck with rare Eddies in general.

Having said that, with all the soul opening, I did get a few new decent characters and it has thrown my development plans out a bit. So any advice on who to develop next would be much appreciated:

Current 'A' team:

SoL Eddie 5*
Mummie Eddie 5*
Soldier Eddie 5*
Assassin Golden Son 5* - Max Shards
PSS 5*
Magus Allied Soldier 4* - Max Shards

Talisman builds are on their way. There are som 3*'s still in there but most are 4-5 and working upwards.

But my new potential characters include:

The Wicker Man - I sold all my iron talismans though :(
Angel of Fear - Using a maxed troopers, it makes the Golden Son nearly unstoppable with a 2nd round each turn
Angel of Pain - I hate playing against them, but doesnt seem as good as Fear?
Assassin Troll - Kinda spewing it wasnt the warrior one, but steal beneficial sounds very useful in LoL Dungeons?
Phaaraoh Dog - Not a King, but worth developing?

Then there is the usual assortment of 3* characters, of which the following interest me:
Gunner Voidling
Assassin & Warrior Souless Demons
Warrior Golden Son
Wickerdog King
Gunner Possessed Rockets
Assassin Axis Bomber Boy

So yeah, its a strange assortment, but looks like the most likely approach is a physical buff/attack team? Or any characters here you reckon I really need to level up?

10-30-2016, 01:39 PM
The Wicker Man is quite good with a physical damage based team. Also well worth spending skill shards on. Add his debuffs and soldier Eddie's buffs together, and you can get some pretty impressive damage. Those two teamed with the red Angel would probably be good for an auto farm team. Then add your Golden Son or PSS in the dungeons.

Don't go full iron talismans on the WM if you decide to use him. 2x stone + 2x Iron + 2x guardian is probably the overall optimum for him. Iron drops in Kingdom of the Sands. Don't go full fierce though, he needs a little MR since his base is low.

10-31-2016, 10:46 AM
Thanks Reeb, the advice to work towards a great auto-farm team is good. The PSS/SoL Eddie won me the game, but its not reliable on underworld madness. Am kinda disappointed I upgraded the PSS before the talisman nerf tbh. Would have plenty of red shards to work on wickerman & angel. Guess Im going hunting for all things red for a while!

Was also really hoping for an allied general with all the green souls I've been cracking this week. My golden son does exceedingly well when paired with your allied general & soldier eddie. Not unusual for both their boosts to get him doing 15-20k damage on every single opponent in the field! FOTD Eddie in madness doesnt stand a chance :)

Anyway, am working on the angel at the moment as I have him closest to a decent tali build, but will get more focus on the wicker man now too thanks.

What split would you recommend on fierce v safeguard on him? 3:1? And isnt stone bugged? Was going to go overwhelming instead... Also why is guardian OK instead of full iron? He scales on def right? Is it only marginally towards def, but attack still adds a heap to his damage?

10-31-2016, 07:02 PM
Sparton said according to his data stone set works in battle, but there's a glitch with displaying it on the character stat screen. As far as the wicker man, one or two safeguard should be enough. I only have one at the moment at level 80, but was planning on another one after I get him to 5*.

10-31-2016, 07:30 PM
I've got a maxed out Angel of Fear & an skill-shard-less Assassin Golden Sun. They do a lot of damage. Only thing I don't like is that there's a not a lot of synergy - a lot of buffs/debuffs go unused when you've got 2 guys who do true damage (I've been running them with Carriage Rider & now Grim Reaper Eddie). Still a fun team. And yeah - AoF's passive is killer.