View Full Version : Sort by trooper activity on round start page

10-31-2016, 01:06 AM
I have more troopers than I realistically can do every single day. Some days, like weekends are fine, but I've got RL to deal with sometimes.

But if I miss some troopers, I feel like I let down those who use my toon every day, so Id like to be able to easier prioritise them.

I currently have to keep a notepad list and keep cross referencing it, which is laborious and sometimes even causes a restart of the app.

A simple way to do that would be to have a means to sort by trooper activity (maybe over the past week?) in the character selection page before a round.

At the moment it seems to be based on trooper level, but lets be realistic, trooper level doesnt necessarily denote strength of the character - especially with the different combos of toons making such a different overall effect.

I'd see it almost like a sort by closeness friends. With the first most troopers being the ones who you have a great reciprocal usage with.

Anyway, just a suggestion that'd make my life (and I dare say time-poor troopers!) easier.