View Full Version : Fear of the Dark Eddie VS. Grim Reaper Eddie

10-31-2016, 03:34 PM
For those who have both and leveled them up, which do you prefer? Is one better for auto-farming? I use Fear of the Dark Eddie to farm, but I can see that Grim Reaper Eddie has some skills that will come in handy in manual battles (Revive all on Fury for instance). Let's the discuss pros and cons in this thread and keep the talk of how to optimize each character in their respective character stickies.

10-31-2016, 05:06 PM
I have almost exclusively played grim reaper. The pros i can think of is more subjective :p
I really like how he look and his skill set. He does great damage in the right team.

Fotd eddie is what i believe from my little experience with him, more of an debuffer and could probably do wonders in the right team setup as well.