View Full Version : help me choose who to 5*

11-04-2016, 06:40 AM
Please take a look at my roster. I need advice on what 4* i shall upgrade to 5. Im leaning to wickerman or angel of fear right now. I only have shards to evolve 1 of each color tho.

11-04-2016, 06:46 AM
My recommendation would be Angel of Fear for his passive is awesome.

11-04-2016, 07:48 AM
Yup, add a second for AoF. Though after that, go wickerman.... Thats what Im currently doing! :)

11-04-2016, 08:11 AM
Allright! Good tali setup for aof?

11-04-2016, 08:42 AM
Allright! Good tali setup for aof?

Its tricky as he's a combo of true and physical, scaling on HP & special.

So from a trooper I got the best setup, which Im levelling up now: 2 x Rush (Will) {boost would go OK, but def is higher than special when maxes) + 2 x health (over) + 2 x reds (strength or burny).

With boosts can take out bosses in no time at all!