View Full Version : Yet another 5* poll (Sentinel Edition)

Piece of Mind
11-04-2016, 08:09 AM
Alright, so here's another one of those "help me with managing my precious limited resources" threads, except this time it's restricted to Sentinels. I've already obtained CR Eddie, GR Eddie, Warrior Troll, Pharaoh Sun Spirit, The Nomad, and Undead Hunter as 5* characters, and I think I'm in need of a good Sentinel. I don't have an Alliance General ( :( ) but I do have a number of 3*-4* Sentinels waiting for an upgrade. Who should I best be working on?

- Mummy Eddie
- Sentinel Allied Bomber Boy (Bomb scales off HP and DEF, but DEF ends up dropping at max level???)
- Sentinel Soulless Demon (gets rave reviews on here but I was honestly underwhelmed with its damage output)
- Pharaoh Sand Spirit (looks nice with the Sun Spirit and recent buffs give it what looks like the highest DEF and MR in the game, but skills are kind of meh)
- Sentinel Allied Soldier
- Dog of War
- Sentinel Corrupt Ox Cultist
- Undead Guardian (Undead Hunter is awesome, wondering if this one is also a sleeper hit)
- Sentinel Haunted Pumpkin (comedy option)
- Hourglass (abilities look interesting?)
- Sentinel Corrupted Ox Soul (lol)

Any recommendations?

11-04-2016, 08:27 AM
Ia have Allied Bomber Boy Sentinel on 5 Stars and works great. Got three green Paralysis and three blue
Freezing ones on him. Hits good, good chance to stun the enemy team and good HP.

11-04-2016, 08:37 AM
Mummy Eddie pretty much sucks, IMO (perhaps I need more time to tweak and experiment with mine) but he is my only Magus Eddie and I am pretty OCD about having ALL 5* Eddies as a priority. That aside, the Souless demon is a must, and likely if not definitely a top 3 Sentinel toon. Mine gets a lot of use and paired with a disabler like blind/paralysis, it's a very effective toon and one of my 3 go-tos for my team.

Even if you are not wowed by SSD like the rest of us are (for a sentinel toon) I don't see anything in your collection that could even compete (like the Sentinel Angel or Golden Son, for example).

11-04-2016, 08:54 AM
Bomber boy or mummy Eddie. The rest are nothing special

11-04-2016, 08:57 AM

Anyway, I went Mummy - He needs the right team around him, but with that, he is a very nice Eddie - Though you dont need him, he can be fun to play at times :)

Otherwise, I'd say bomber boy.

PSandS for the giggles. Id love to find a trooper with one maxed out to try. The Def & MR should cause max tankiness!