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11-05-2016, 07:15 PM
I take the time to write this for 2 reasons: 1. Warts and all, I really like the game/love the concept and want its massive success; and 2. Devs seem receptive to feedback (a true asset of the game's survivability/success)

Let's start with the good:

- updated challenges has been one of your greatest improvements. Once the game was won, play was a nebulous grind toward speculative expansions. Now we have daily goals and evolving challenges to make the process more rewarding and entertaining. This is truly a great improvement/advancement.

- game stability has noticably improved. There is another side to this coin (below) but from my perspective, there seems to be moves in the right direction on this issue

- improved talisman drop/design with a nicely delineated path of what drops with where. Leveled-up talismans in madness dificulty are a rather nice touch.

- the same can be said for shards. As a July-joining player, it literally took me MONTHS to update ONE character to 4-star status! Past grind play is well-documented as horrific/piss-poor, and you have definitely stepped up in the shard category. LOL dungeons and the latter worlds at appropriately-challenging levels give a satisfying possibility of earning 2 and 3 star evos, and I can raid a color-coordinated LOL dungeon to accumulate corresponding shards. The same can be said to a great extent with evo runes. Well done... This is much-needed improvement.

- Halloween promotion coordinated with the second patch of the month was like X-mas in October. The rewards from the challenges menu, the new limited map and the new characters all show you guys were taking a moment to keep the game fresh while working out the anticipated expansions and the known stability issues/bugs.

- lastly, perhaps most importantly, your second October patch that corrected SOME of your first October patch shows you are paying attention to us ans receptive to feedback - a critical component in gaining our trust and cooperation to as you trudge through the rocky and uncertain times of the game's establishment. This is hope: A critical and solid foundation for the games on going success and you deserve much credit in this respect.

Now the bad (and no pulling punches either)

- Your concept of fairness flat out sucks and you NEED to do something about this. Your first patch in october (or should I say 'critical components thereof') was terrible and I don't give a damn who thinks otherwise. You had no right to take the hard fought/won/bought characters and talismans people invested in and worked up and neutered the hell out of them. I DON'T CARE if you think it helped balance the game better for the (currently non-existent) PVP section. I don't care if reality backs your assertion. It is your responsibility to work the game in fairness to the supporting players, not our responsibility to sacrifice our work/strategy to make your job a little easier. So you buffed some characters for balance? BFD. Maybe that does nothing for ppl with neutered characters who had no buffed characters, or they already invested resources on the 'wrong' characters now. Leave the characters alone with your incompetantly-wielded nerf bat and buff the weaker ones more, or better yet... Leave the instability as is and let the players find the toils and the joys of earning such great finds. This isn't socialism, damnit.

- Not only has your zeal to make us miserable (whether intentionally or incompetantly) occurred with characters but talismans. You know good and well how scarce resources have been in the past to make a 5-star set and now you butcher them (WITHOUT COMPENSATION) to make your boring or pointless ones seem more palatable? How dare you!

- Your decisions to increase difficulties was ridiculously myopic. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking? The game in all its Roadhouse shit-show glory was a real SOB to win, much less access all secret areas, and after neutering characters you decide to make life impossible for new players by making hard even harder?! Credit due: you realized your folly and re-adjusted difficulty in the subsequent patch but that you even THOUGHT that this was a good or acceptable thing shows a true disconnect with what works and what doesn't in this game.

Your October promotion was a shyte-show. Remember how I praised you for its inclusion? I meant it. Now let's talk about its execution... Day one, I was filled with the wonder and excitement of my first week exploring this game with your refresher. Day 2 I was still drunk with joy. Day 3 I realized we had all been had. No drops of any merit following day 2 and beyond?! If it was an error, ACCOMMODATE US - fix the damned thing and give us the FULL renewed extension of the working product. If was intentional to drop a bonanza on day one and nothing otherwise, INFORM us in black and white beforehand. That sort of dishonesty will end up costing everybody this game. And 100 slots? Unacceptable! You DO NOT offer limited time bait characters with no new slots forcing us to contend with missing out on a one-time character or having to vend off 4-star leveled characters to make room for your new offerings.

- Where the hell are rare souls now?! I had them with decent regularity in the LOL and reasonably so albeit less-frequently with challenging dungeons. I have not seen A SINGLE RARE SOUL in at least two days. Again, your "give X with the left-hand, take back Y with the right hand" is not working for whatever objective you are trying to accomplish... Unless the sole aim is frustrating and pissing off your players.

- We need rune stability. LOL does wonders for shards, but we are left scrambling for runes. I assume Night City may be this cure for what ails us, but we need it sooner than later.

- it is worth repeating: 100 character slots is not a problem...it's an unacceptable problem. I can have 150 (or more) stupid talisman slots in an unusable menu that requires furious masturbatory swipes to navigate from one side to the other (over and over, just to replace 3 talismans on a player), but you can't figure out how to add 100 more slots with characters? If you make ONE MORE new character without addressing this you are taking advantage of us in an unconscionable manner.

- get the hint about the character/items menus? 78 swipes left to get to the purple whats-its is bullshit. Make 4 rows or a different menu. This was fine when we had 25 items. Not so much now.

I hope this is sincerely-considered. Comments/additions welcome.

11-07-2016, 05:43 AM
WoW you said a mouthful, and your absolutely right on all points. I love the game but I wouldn't put up with this in any other game. That being said I still have blind faith that the devs are trying hard to fix the problems and I believe they will continue to improve the game. I think they released the game a little too soon ( like EA had several problems with buggy games at launch in the past few years) they could have avoided some of these problems with more play testers. It was like we were playing a beta version of the game for 3 months. And with Roadhouse closing there doors and over a 100 people losing there jobs it's like one problem after another. So instead of improving the game they had to fix bug after bug . Now with less bugs hopefully they can get to work on the cool stuff . The Halloween thing was flawed but still it was cool and I was excited . I hope the devs read your rant and take some of your advice 💀

11-07-2016, 07:01 AM
Furious masturbatory swipes was my fav part. LMAO. The GUI has never been so well described.
WOW. epic rant is epic.
I literally can't stop laughing. I don't agree with everything, but wow man, just wow.

11-07-2016, 07:12 AM
Now that was a highly articulate outburst *doffs cap*

11-07-2016, 11:01 AM
Thank all who have commented so far. In reality, the harsh "cons" delivery was executed partly for comedic relief and partly a byproduct of reliving the frustrating and resentful hours/days as I had typed.