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11-08-2016, 04:29 PM
Trying to compile a large scale list of changes that would greatly improve game-play and keep players entertained. Some of these have already been suggested in some fashion.

1. Transmuting - often hours of grinding feels like a waste or how random the soul shard rolls are it would be amazing if we can do some type of transmuting
a. 4 different colored evo shards = rainbow evo of the same star level
b. 33 souls = 1 rare soul (3 per stack), 10 rare souls = 1 legendary soul
c. 2 3* Eddies can be traded in for 1 rare soul - getting multiple of the same Eddie is pretty frustrating and seems like a waste to sell
d. talisman rune's similar to evo shards
f. x 1* evo shard or rune = 1 2*. y 2* evo shards or runes = 1 3*

2. Respec potion - as you guys are changing stats and features of Eddies and allies, you could introduce a potion that costs like 250,000 gold and would return all spent skill shards. This would allow players to try different builds/combo's of Eddies and allies and also be a good gold sink option for you guys

3. Sorting when selling characters, items, etc. - its frustrating right now to scroll through everything

4. Achievements - I really enjoyed the addition of achievements and does give the long-term player some additional goals. The additional focus here is on grinding
a. Be able to grind for coveted allies. i.e Beat Corrupt General 150 times on Madness to earn him. Same could be true for the prisoner, etc. You could have normal/hard versions that award that ally's soul for a chance (i.e. 5 magus souls)

5. Auto-play - a few people have mentioned changes to this and I think it would be welcomed. I understand this is probably a challenge from a tech perspective but I think a setting that says AI use only Basic abilities would be a great start

6. Effort/reward - LoL level 10 quests started with fair difficulty and good rewards. You then made them super hard with terrible rewards. Now they are easier than they originally were but the rewards are still far worse. Increase the chance of rare and gunner souls for level 10 and raise the difficulty a bit (not nearly where it was after the original October change)

7. Attack order - rarely do I want my Eddie to be the first one to start the battle, make it configurable which slots take order of attack.

8. Account Level Up - can you make this reward 30 ironite instead of a sands of time refresh? Often its hard to control when you power up compared to your remaining sands of time so getting a refill when you are 70/80 is really frustrating

9. Pre-chest disconnects - this is still one of the most frustrating part of the game. You beat a level/boss and right before the chest drops, the game disconnects. You just wasted your time, sands of time, for nothing. Why arent rewards randomized at the start of battle? If the problem is a portion of XP/gold for when you fail a level, just make it all or nothing.

10. Remove animation / tap requirements for certain skills. For example, the Magus Allied Soldier's Reflect shield. It doesnt reflect more damage if you get "perfect" on all 3 taps right? Just remove the tap requirement for anything that doesnt change the skill's effects with Late to Perfect

11. For LoL levels that require 8 sands of time, could you allow us to use 1 Eddie trooper and 1 ally trooper?

11-21-2016, 08:09 PM
12. Information about soul shard rates. i.e. when you use a rare soul, you have a 90% chance at a 3*, 8% at a 4*, 2% at a 5*. No idea what it is, but the 3* rate for rare souls is way too high.

13. Minor one - throw a warning when all of your ally slots (not eddies) arent filled. Every once in a while, it seems possible to do a double-tap when adding an ally and then accidentally start a battle a man down

14. Possibly part of #10 but have a setting for faster enemy attacks.